Regional Development

Workshop on Modernising Statistical Systems for Better Data on Regions and Cities






9h00-9h30 Opening session: Modernising statistical systems: opportunities for regions and cities




OECD Conference Centre


Representatives from National Statistical Offices and other agencies responsible for statistics or regional development discussed the role of the modernisation of statistical systems for better evidence on regions and cities. The discussions took place in a workshop held at the OECD Headquarters on 5 November 2018, within the activities of the OECD Working Party on Territorial Indicators. The workshop focused on four pathfinder themes of relevance within the field of regional development policy, such as access to services, housing statistics, functional areas, and business clusters.





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Welcome: Alessandro Alasia, Statistics Canada and Rudiger Ahrend, OECD.

Opening presentation: The importance of data innovation for analysis on cities - Peter Elmlund, Ax:son Jonson Foundation


9h30-11h00 Session 1: Housing indicators in regions and cities: affordability, quality, characteristics





11h15-13h00 Session 2: Functional areas in all territories: data sources and methods





14h15-16h00 Session 3: Measuring access to services: new data and approaches





16h20-17h45 Session 4: Regional competitiveness and business clusters





Closing: Alessandro Alasia, Statistics Canada and Paolo Veneri, OECD.





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