Regional Development

Delivering productivity and competitiveness for rural areas


High Level OECD Seminar
Paris, 7 November 2016

Lessons and good policy practices related to the development of rural areas.

This seminar provided an opportunity for political and administrative leaders from across the OECD to highlight lessons and good policy practices related to the development of rural areas.

The seminar built upon the insights and lessons from the Territorial Reviews of the Northern Sparsely Populated Areas and the Mexican State of Morelos, which will be considered by the 19th meeting of the Rural Working Party. It will also build upon the challenges and opportunities identified for rural regions in the 2016 Regional Outlook. This work shows that rural areas are not synonymous with decline, and they make important contributions to national economies. However, rural places also face diverse challenges associated with population ageing, declining productivity, and inequalities.

Seminar agenda
                                        Seminar proceedings

Rural development policies can help maximise the growth potential of rural places.

The Rural Policy 3.0 identifies how to deliver an integrated approach to investing in the enabling factors for growth, and the seminar will focus on:

1. innovation and entrepreneurship;

2. infrastructure and accessibility;

3. service delivery and demographic change

4. labour markets and skills.



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