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Decentralisation in Ukraine: Seminar 1


1st seminar: Decentralisation in Ukraine: Sharing OECD Country Experience

This seminar was the first in a series to be held in Kiev and in regions over the course of its project Supporting Decentralisation in Ukraine (2017-18).

On January 26th and 27th the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine and the OECD organised a seminar in Kiev focusing on recent decentralisation and territorial reforms in Ukraine and in OECD countries. In the context of the subnational reform process underway in Ukraine (fiscal decentralisation, municipal amalgamation, and stronger inter-municipal cooperation), the seminar presented the experiences of selected OECD countries (Sweden, Poland, France and the Netherlands) and Colombia (an OECD accession country) in implementing decentralisation and territorial reforms, as well as approaches to regional development policy, more broadly.

The seminar provided an opportunity to hear how other countries have met the challenges associated with such reforms, and to discuss experiences through question and answer sessions with other government officials and academics as follows:


  • Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine
  • Cabinet of Ministers and other central Ministries 
  • Representatives of Ukrainian subnational governments
  • Leading associations of subnational governments in Ukraine 
  • National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
  • Experts from the academia and research centres 
  • International partners of Ukraine involved in decentralisation (Council of Europe, EU Delegation to Kyiv) 

 “Thanks to decentralisation, people feel that they can and should influence the development of their communities” declared L. Dementsova at the  seminar. 

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The following presentations highlighted key success factors for achieving greater co-ordination among different levels of government and for building accountability and improving public services at subnational level.


  • Decentralisation Trends in OECD Countries: A comparative perspective for Ukraine,  Ms. Dorothée Allain-Dupre, OECD (English / )
  • Regional Development Strategies in OECD Countries: Trends and tools, Ms. Maria-Varinia Michalun, OECD ( / )
  • Decentralisation in Colombia, Ms. Tatiana Escovar Fadul, Colombia (English / )
  • Implementing Decentralisation Reform: Perspectives from France, Mr. Jean-Christophe Baudouin, France  (English / )
  • Netherlands’ Experience with Decentralisation, Ms. Iris de Graaff, The Netherlands (English / )
  • Decentralisation and multi-level governance in Poland, Ms. Malgorzata Lublinska, Poland (English / )
  • Building dialogue among actors at all levels of government for vertical co-ordination – the Swedish Experience, Mr. Sverker Lindblad, Sweden (English / )
  • Launching Decentralisation Reforms to Enhance State Resilience, Mr. Jörn Grävenholt, German Development Institute  (English / )
  • Implementing Decentralisation and Territorial Reform in Eastern Europe, Mr. François Bafoil, Sciences-Po, Paris (English / )



  • Decentralisation in Ukraine: Challenges and opportunities, Mr. Vasyl S. Kuybida, President, National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine
    Українська Асоціація Районних та Обласних Рад, Пан Василь Куйбіда, Президент, Національна академія державного управління при Президентові України ()
  • The Results of Financial Decentralisation in Ukraine, Ms. Yanina Kazyuk, Expert on local finance and budgets, Ukrainian Association of District and Region Council
    Результати фінансової децентралізації в Україні, Панi Яніна Казюк, Експерт з місцевих фінансів та бюджетів, Українська Асоціація Районних та Обласних Рад (Ukrainian)
  • Sectoral Decentralisation, Ms. Olena Simonenko, Head of Project Office for Sectoral Decentralisation
    Секторальна Децентралізація, Пані Олена Симоненко, Керівник проектного офісу з секторальної децентралізації ()
  • New Regional Development Policy for Ukraine, Mr. Yuri Tretyak, Deputy Team Lead, Expert on the Management of Regional Development, (English



For more information contact Dorothée Allain-Dupré, email: [email protected] or Varinia Michalun, email: [email protected].




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