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10th meeting of the OECD Water Governance Initiative


20-21 November 2017 Vienna, Austria

On 20-21 November 2017, the OECD Water Governance Initiative held its 10th meeting at the City Hall of Vienna, Austria. The meeting gathered 70+ practitioners, policymakers and representatives from major stakeholder groups. 


Meeting objectives

  • Launch the report “Water Charges in Brazil: The Ways Forward” and the Special Issue of the Journal Water International on the OECD Principles on Water Governance.
  • Discuss Global Agendas, including the Sustainable Development Goals, COP23 and the 8th World Water Forum
  • Discuss the results of the 2nd phase of the pilot-tests of the water governance indicators
  • Discuss the highlights from the water governance stories’ webinars and meta-analyses
  • Share knowledge and experience on recent water governance reforms, research and recent events
  • Discuss challenges and opportunities of Austria’s water governance



The OECD Water Governance Initiative is a multi-stakeholder network of 100+ delegates from public, private and non-profit sectors gathering twice a year in a Policy Forum to share on-going reforms, projects, lessons and good practices in support of better governance in the water sector. It was launched on 27-28 March 2013 and is chaired by Peter Glas of the Dutch Water Authorities. The WGI is hosted by the OECD, and coordinated by a multi-stakeholder steering committee (see below logos). For more information, please contact


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