Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Workshop: Measuring entrepreneurship and SME development at local level (Paris, France)


Workshop organised by the OECD LEED Programme

within the
Framework for Information Exchange in Local Development (FIELD) project.


27 September 2010



OECD Headquarters, 2 rue André Pascal, Paris, France


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The OECD Framework for Information Exchange in Local Development Project - FIELD supports local development organisations in strengthening their information systems. It provides guidance on data collection, analysis and use in policy making, customised to conditions in each participating area.

The project helps policy makers to build evidence on: What makes your local economy work? What drives it forward, what holds it back? Where and how policy should intervene? Is policy bringing results?

The project addresses the need faced by many local policy makers to determine in the vast amounts of national and local data and information, some core indicators that can help link data to local drivers of growth and link policy to drivers.

In 2010 four thematic seminars are being organised. At each of the seminars, a selected group of international experts and practitioners from partner localities will review the existing data and identify sets of indicators that can be used by local development organisations to better measure performance and policy impacts in the following fields. The seminar themes and dates are as follows:


Measuring skills and human capital in local economies (12 March 2010)


Understanding and measuring unemployment and exclusion from the labour market (21 June 2010)


Fostering entrepreneurship culture, start-ups and self-employment (27 September 2010)


Local development policy delivery arrangements (4 November 2010)

The objective of these seminars is to produce a set of Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) indicators and provide practical guidance to local policy makers on how to build information systems allowing to monitor local economic performance, identify policy need and measure policy impacts. The results of this work will be presented in a manual to be issued in 2011.


The Seminar

Objective: to review the innovative tools and methods used as part of local information systems by local development organisations to: i) measure the factors that impact on entrepreneurship and SME development; ii) identify policy needs, shape policies and programmes that can best address these needs, and; iii) understand if policies are bringing results.

Session 1


Understanding and measuring factors that influence entrepreneurship and SME development

Session 2


Entrepreneurship and SME development indicators

Session 3


From data to delivery: views from the regions

Session 4


Evaluating policy outcomes



Participation is limited to local development policy makers and practitioners with proven experience in the field of entrepreneurship and SME development policy, academics and OECD Secretariat (20-25 participants). Local representatives are invited to prepare case studies following OECD guidelines.



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For further information on the FIELD project, please contact Ms Ekaterina Travkina, or Mr Jonathan Potter.