Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

SMEs, Entrepreneurship and Local Development in the Marche Region, Italy



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Publication Date: November 2010



The Marche region is one of the most industrialised regions in Italy and is considered a region of excellence, not only for its economic performance, but also for its cultural, natural and social richness.

In this very challenging period, characterised by a general economic downturn in most OECD member countries due to the global financial and economic crises, the regional authorities decided to look at future economic opportunities and policy priorities.


The aim of the report is to provide, from an international perspective, advice on how to strengthen and restructure the economy of the Marche region through the use of appropriate SME and entrepreneurship policies.
This report sets out the findings of the review.

The report identifies major considerations for policy development in the field, assesses the current challenges and opportunities for the Marche and advances recommendations to improve policy and practice in the Marche region.

These recommendations have been converted into an action plan, setting out more precisely what needs to be done, how it can be achieved and who can put it into action. 
There is also a collection of international "learning model" programmes with the aim of helping to illustrate how other places have addressed similar challenges.

Table of contents


 Local diagnostic assessment


 Human capital and the labour market


 Entrepreneurship and start-ups


 Enterprise development


 Contribution of research organisations


 Governance and environment



 Annex I

 Action plan

 Annex II

 Learning models

 Annex III

 About the review team members












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