Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Seminar on "Evaluating Local Development Strategies", Prague, Czech Republic, 22 November 2005


This seminar was organised by the OECD LEED Trento Centre for Local Development and focused on disseminating information and tools for best practice evaluation approaches. The event was part of the activities of the Evaluation Unit at the OECD LEED Trento Centre which aims to foster and develop a culture of evaluation of local development strategies that promote entrepreneurship, local cohesion and good governance.

One of the main barriers in reaching a much stronger and better quality of local development evaluation is having an insufficient capacity amongst local development professionals to understand the objectives and methodologies of evaluation.  Without this capacity we cannot expect a demand for good quality evaluation to emerge and thus drive forward better evaluation practice.  This was also one of the key findings of a major international conference on evaluation held by LEED in Vienna in 2002.

This one day seminar focused on discussing these and related issues with a special concentration on the current situation in evaluating local development strategies implemented recently in the Czech Republic.

The seminar sought to:

  • disseminate information and tools for best practice evaluation approaches applicable to local development strategies.
  • present experiences from other developed OECD member countries and discuss the potential transferability for the Czech Republic.
  • identify and discuss optimal evaluation strategies for the Czech Republic with inputs from leading experts.
  • recommend how to implement these evaluation strategies in a more efficient way as a success factor for local development in the Czech Republic.

For access to the final agenda and to download speaker's presentations, please click here

To enhance and strengthen the exchange of experiences and good practices in local development evaluations, the OECD LEED Programme, as a principle, asks for no fees. In addition, the programme does not cover travel costs for participants.

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