Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Seminar: Models for social inclusion - Results from five OECD case studies (Trento, Italy)


ESF CoNET, an International Learning Network


Models for social inclusion: results from five OECD case studies

Final project meeting

18th November 2009, Trento, Italy


Sala Rosa - Palazzo della Regione Trentino-Alto Adige
2 Via Gazzoletti - Trento, Italy


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The international seminar aimed to disseminate the results of an OECD LEED study on social inclusion undertaken in five Regions across Italy and Poland who are members of the ESF CoNET (European Social Fund Co-operation Network), a network of co-operation between Managing Authorities, Intermediate Bodies and Central Authorities that operate in the policy fields of the European Social Fund (for further information see

In this framework, international learning models, strategies and best practices concerning relevant social inclusion issues, such as the integration of immigrants, lifelong learning and active labour market policies, were presented and discussed. The methodology used by the OECD to conduct the studies was also presented and shared with the participants.


The Programme

The seminar was held in English and Italian with simultaneous translation provided.

Download the programme in English.



Introduction to the project by Emma Clarence, Policy Analyst, OECD LEED Centre for Local Development, Trento

Outline of key findings and recommendations by Andy Westwood, Chair of the OECD Forum on Social Innovation and Advisor to John Denham, UK Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

Summary of conclusions and recommendations for: Autonomous Province of Trento and Podlaskie Voivodship by Andy Green, Professor of Comparative Social Science, Institute for Education, London



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