Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Expert Seminar: Local economic strategies for ageing labour markets


OECD LEED Expert Roundtable

31 March 2015, OECD LEED Programme, Paris, France

With the support of the European Commission DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion


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In OECD countries, populations are living longer, healthier lives, while at the same time experiencing decreasing fertility rates. The share of the population under age 15 is shrinking and the share over age 65 is growing. The elderly dependency ratio (the population aged 65 years and older per 100 persons aged 15-64 years) is increasing fast. The average 2010 OECD elderly dependency ratio was 22, a figure which is expected to rise to 46 by 2050.

Population ageing has broad economic, social, and political impacts worldwide, with some localities experiencing particularly sharp effects on their population structure. If some areas are showing a stagnation of their population growth, others are shrinking with strong consequences on their productivity and growth. 

In this context, the OECD LEED research project “Local economic strategies for ageing and shrinking labour markets” is exploring the local labour market impacts of ageing as well as policy instruments to address this challenge from firm management practices for older workers to comprehensive local strategies for ageing skills ecosystems.



This 1 day expert roundtable gathered local partners, relevant stakeholders, researchers and practitioners to explore the following issues:

What is the impact of ageing on local labour markets?

  • What are the differences between regions?
  • What are the challenges for local policy makers?
  • Are there specific skills needs emerging from ageing local labour markets?

How are firms adapting their management practices to cope with an ageing workforce?

  • Are there innovative examples of initiatives to encourage older workers to remain in the labour market?
  • How can older workers be supported to retain and enhance their skills. Can the deficit in employer training for older workers be addressed?
  • Do SMEs need particular support in this area?

What employment and skills strategies could be adopted at local level?

  • How can local employment and skills strategies be adapted to support areas that have ageing populations?
  • What lessons can be drawn from existing local initiatives?
  • What is the role for local stakeholders such as local authorities, public employment services, training providers and the private sector?

Lively discussions on each of these topics will be kicked off by presentations from experts, policymakers, and practitioners. In order to foster discussion and encourage active participation, space at the seminar will be limited.


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For further information on the seminar, please contact the OECD Secretariat.


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