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Recession, recovery and reinvestment


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Publication Date:
June 2009

Pages: 339

The role of local economic leadership in a global crisis

Since the economic crisis' beginning in September 2007 with the collapse of banks in the UK and USA, we have seen the triggering of a global recession and wider processes of economic restructuring.

National governments and intergovernmental organisations have played the major role in tackling the crisis with both new developments in regulation of financial services, bank recapitalisation, fiscal stimulus packages, support for industries and companies, and assistance to workers displaced by the crisis. Regional level action has also been important in many countries and has added significantly to national efforts.

This publication identifies some of the most interesting local economic development practices that have been taken to respond to the financial crisis and presents them for wider discussion amongst practitioners and policy makers.
Over 40 case studies of local economies from around the world have been analysed. Also included are the Barcelona Principles. These ten principals which emerged from a meeting of local economic leaders from across the world, offer guidance to what localities are doing to prevent the crisis and mitigate its impact.

Published by the OECD Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Programme with the support of the Work Foundation, the Ajuntament de Barcelona and Barcelona Activa.

Table of contents:

Executive sumary
 The role of local action
 Delivering local development
 The “Barcelona principals” for local recovery and reinvestment
 Aims and methods
 Analysis: impacts of and responses to the recession by local economies worldwide
 The Barcelona Principles for promoting recovery and reinvestment
Appendix: Detailed comparison of the impacts of and responses to the recesion and crisis
 The evidence: verified & non-verified local economy “snap shots” from across the globe.

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