Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Methods: OECD LEED Reviews on Local Job Creation



In each country, the review has four main stages:

Analyse available data to understand the key labour market challenges facing the country in the post-crisis context and to apply an OECD LEED diagnostic tool which seeks to assess the balance between the supply and demand for skills and labour at local level.

Carry out a stock-take and mapping of the current policy framework for local job creation in the country.

Apply a dashboard technique to measure the capacity of the local level to contribute to local sustainable job creation along the four above key themes.

Contribute to policy development in the reviewed country by proposing policy options to overcome barriers and realise potentials. The policy options are presented in the form of a concrete Action Plan, illustrated by selected good practice initiatives from elsewhere.

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Participating countries/regions




  Czech Republic




  Italy (Trento)


  United Kingdom
  (Northern Ireland)

United States



A concrete guidance for policy and practice at both national and local level.

A national country report and Action Plan will set out the results of each review.

The project is based on Voluntary Contributions of each participant country and continues a series starting in 2011-12.



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