Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

OECD LEED Reviews on Local Job Creation


The OECD Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Programme has developed this international cross-comparative study examining the contribution of local labour market policy to boosting quality employment and productivity. The OECD Reviews on Local Job Creation deliver evidence-based and practical recommendations on how to better support employment and economic development at the local level.


What's new

Employment and Skills Strategies in England - United Kingdom

Employment and Skills Strategies in England

This report provides a comparative framework to understand the role of the local level in contributing to more and better quality jobs. The report can help national and local policy makers in England and the UK build effective and sustainable partnerships at the local level, which join-up efforts and achieve stronger outcomes across employment, training, and economic development policies.




Why local issues are important ?

In the recovery, local communities can boost economic growth and sustainability by investing in a skilled workforce which is less expendable, more adaptable to change and better able to contribute to productivity growth and the creation of new jobs. In order to contribute to this agenda, employment and training organisations need to align their services effectively with local conditions and with broader local economic development strategies. Read more...


What is the Local Job Creation Project ?

This project assesses the contribution of labour market policy to boosting quality employment and enhancing productivity by better matching skills supply to demand, improving training provision and addressing skills gaps but also improving skills utilisation by firms.  It involves a series of country reviews. Each review examines the capacity of employment services and training providers to contribute to a long-term strategy which can yield returns in terms of resilience of the local economy, skills levels and job quality.


Reports by country

A number of country reports have been released, which focus on the effective implementation of employment and skills policies... Read more...


Local job creation flower diagram Ballarat-Bendigo

Four mains stages to each country review which contribute to the development of an action plans for jobs... Read more...



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