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The purpose of local development is to build the capacity of a defined area to improve its economic future and the quality of life for inhabitants. Local development makes an important contribution to national economic performance and has become more critical with increased global competition, population mobility, technological advances, and consequential spatial differences and imbalances. Effective local development can reduce disparities between poor and rich places, add to the stock of locally generated jobs and firms, increase overall private sector investment, improve the information flows with investors and developers, and increase the coherence and confidence with which local economic strategy is pursued. This can also give rise to better diagnostic assessment of local economic assets and distinctive advantages, and lead to more robust strategy assessment.


Les évènements sportifs et le développement local - La France face à l'Euro 2016

En 2016, la France organise le Championnat d’Europe de football (l'Euro 2016), compétition réunissant vingt-quatre pays dans dix villes de l’Hexagone. Cette compétition est généralement considérée comme le troisième événement sportif mondial en termes de retombées médiatiques, après les Jeux Olympiques et la Coupe du Monde de football. Elle suscite donc également d’importants espoirs quant à ses retombées économiques au niveau local. Ce rapport expose les défis que l'Euro 2016 peut représenter pour la France, tout en mettant en évidence les opportunités et les pratiques innovantes qui émergent à chaque événement.

Local Economic Leadership

For this report the OECD has analysed four internationally oriented, mid to higher ranking EU cities to share lessons about how local economies can capture the leadership dividend. These cities are Amsterdam, Hamburg, Manchester (encompassing the city-region) and Stockholm. This European quartet has been actively engaged in the challenge to re-build their jobs base, attract employers and grow investment, raise the investment rate, ensure adequate supply of business space, expand new sectors, and build economic inclusiveness in a higher skilled economy. Their leadership models also stand out for their success in shaping their local economies.

Delivering local development - New growth and investment strategies

The OECD LEED Delivering Local Development work stream examines the local and regional framework conditions and instruments for intervention to achieve successful local economic development in participating countries and localities. It covers strategic themes encompassing finance and investment, building the knowledge base, delivery vehicles and economic strategies (including the local development impacts from global events).

Delivering local development in Derry~Londonderry, Northern Ireland - Inclusive growth through one plan

Derry-Londonderry has a challenging period ahead as it seeks to create 12 000 much needed jobs in the city over the next 10 years. It is now an outward-looking and learning city, seeking to learn from international best practice and in turn contribute to new thinking and understanding. Through One Plan – the Regeneration Plan for Derry Londonderry 2020 – the city can determine a different future: a stronger economy and equal society.

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