Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

HEInnovate: Skills for Entrepreneurship


Promoting skills and competences for entrepreneurship follows a long-term programme of work in LEED, which currently consists of three pillars: Promoting entrepreneurship in higher education - HEIinnovate, Promoting entrepreneurial learning in schools and vocational education and training - Entrepreneurship360, peer-reviews.


Promoting entrepreneurship in higher education

HEIinnovate - Promoting entrepreneurship in higher education

Through in-depth collaboration with higher education institutions, ministries of education, science and research, and key local stakeholders in more than 30 local economies across and beyond the OECD area, LEED developed a list of good practice criteria, whose aim is to support universities in their challenging task to enhance students and graduates to "make use" of their enormous potential for innovation.

Recently, LEED joined forces with the European Commission, DG Education and Culture and developed a joint Guiding Framework which allows higher education institutions to self-assess their strategy and practices in promoting entrepreneurship. HEInnovate is a key instrument to promote the entrepreneurial university, which is outward looking and flexible and thus more responsive to current and future needs of society, humankind and nature.


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