Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Conference: Promoting social entrepreneurship in France (Paris, France)


Tuesday 6 March 2012, 2-5 pm

Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry
Conferebnce Centre Pierre Mendès France
139, rue de Bercy – 75012 Paris


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The CAS (Centre d’analyse stratégique) and the OCDE-LEED Programme (Local Economic and Employment Development) are convening a conference to promote social enterprises in France.

Social entrepreneurship is on the rise. As the most prestigious business schools as well as the traditional financial sphere look at it with great interest, innovative initiatives and targeted policies multiply all over the world. The last two years have noticeably given birth to the Social Innovation fund in the US, the ‘Social Business Initiative’ of the European Commission, the ‘Big Society’in the UK and the reenactment of the French Conseil Supérieur de l’Economie sociale et solidaire.

At the crossroads of public policies and market, social enterprises conciliate economic efficiency and social objectives in the wake of the social economy ("économnie sociale et solidaire"). Contributing to innovation, they meet social needs neglected or not taken into account by the public sector or the market. They are acting for the common interest and not for profit.

Social entrepreneurship is an emerging phenomenon possibly forecasting and anticipating the outdistancing of the classic opposition between profit and social utility. It holds special resonance in the present context where the crisis questions deep rooted paradigms, starting with Friedman’s perspective according to which «the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits», as well as the issue of satisfying social demands in terms of risks as public resources dry up.

The profusion of social entrepreneurship is challenging the modes of public intervention. In the light of emerging alliances (State, market and citizens), new economic models and the need for social innovation, we are undergoing a transformation in the production of general interest services and goods. How could these innovations start building up a virtuous circle with traditional policies? How to transform related expenses into community investments rather than costs? The social enterprise model, despite its obvious capacity to satisfy needs, still remains relatively scarcely used. What, is to be done, in a French context that is undermined by a strong opposition between public and private sectors, to create an enabling environment to its development?



2 - 2.45pm: Opening

Opening remarks
François-Daniel MIGEON, Director General, DGME


Social Enterprise: what role for public policy?
Yves LETERME, OECD Deputy Secretary General
Vincent CHRIQUI, Director General, Centre d’analyse stratégique


Opening keynote speech
Laszlo ANDOR, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion (to be confirmed)


2.45- 4pm: How to foster an enabling environment for social entrepreneurship in France?

Round table chaired by Tarik GHEZALI, Co-founder and Administrator of Mouves (Mouvement of social entrepreneurs)

(introduction:) Release of McKinsey studies on the social and economic impact of social entrepreneurs. Concrete examples and success stories

  • Jérôme FAURE, Chief, « Mission de Contrôle général économique et financier », General Directorat for Social Cohesion
  • Jean-Louis BANCEL, President, Crédit Coopératif
  • Jean-Marc BORELLO, Head of Groupe SOS, initiator of PII (Le Comptoir de l'Innovation) and CDI Ratings
  • Olivier DE GUERRE, Chairman, PhiTrust
  • Pierre CHOUX, CEO, Groupe ID'EES
  • Arnaud MOUROT, Director general, Ashoka Europe
  • Rohan SILVA, Cabinet of the Prime Minister, UK


4 - 5pm: Keynote speech

Keynote speech
Muhammad YUNUS, Founder of Grameen Bank (Bangladesh), Nobel Peace Prize 2006

Preceded by an introductory speech given by Maria NOWAK, Founder of ADIE (Association for the Right to Economic Initiative) and President of Adie Microfranchise Solidaire


Closing Speeches

Roselyne BACHELOT-NARQUIN, Minister for Solidarity and Social Cohesion
Valérie PECRESSE, Minister for the Budget, Public Accounts, the Civil Service and Administrative Reform, Government Spokeswoman

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OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development

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Centre for Strategic Analysis of the Prime Minister of France

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