Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Seminar on Satellite Accounts for Third Sector and Social Economy: challenges and opportunities


 16 October 2017 OECD, Paris

Event Overview

This working seminar on satellite accounts aimed at reviewing the state of the art and exploring the challenges and opportunities of developing national satellite accounts for the Third Sector and the Social Economy.

Opening remarks by Antonella Noya


Concept Note





The key objectives of the working seminar were to:

►   Raise awareness and visibility about the use of satellite accounts as statistical ways to identify the total population and measure the economic activity of the Third Sector or the Social Economy as well as volunteer work across countries.

►   Exchange information and concrete experiences on the opportunities and challenges of implementing satellite accounts, based on existing practices.

►   Promote an open and constructive discussion on conceptual and methodological frameworks that can be adopted to measure the Third Sector and the Social Economy, as well as volunteer work.

►   Discuss the interest and challenges of implementing satellite accounts for these organisations and activities.

►   Discuss the role that international organisations (OECD, UN), European (European Parliament and Commission, Eurostat, European Economic and Social Committee) and national institutions could play to facilitate the process of implementing satellite accounts.



► Methodology and Procedures for Establishing Satellite Accounts

► The UN Handbook on Nonprofit and Related Institutions and Volunteer Work

► The CIRIEC Approach for Drawing-up the Satellite Accounts of Companies in the Social Economy

► Framework for Statistics on Cooperatives

► Towards a NPI’s Satellite Account in Belgium

► Implementing a Satellite Account for the Social Economy - Lessons Learnt from Portugal

► The role of government in supporting the implementation of satellite accounts for the third sector and social economy



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