Janós Bertók, Jefe de la División de Integridad en el Sector Público


János Bertók is Head of the Public Sector Integrity Division in the OECD Public Governance Directorate. He leads OECD activities for promoting integrity, strategic public procurement, control and audit in the public sector. The OECD helps policy makers and practitioners build a comprehensive and coherent integrity system, cultivate a culture of integrity and strengthen accountability, through risk-based internal control, effective oversight and participation.

The OECD comparative analysis supports evidence-based policy debate and standard setting, including emerging and high-risk areas to integrity, such as lobbying and political financing. With his leadership the OECD is in the forefront of providing comparative data, mapping out good practices and developing principles, policy guidelines and practical tools for policy makers and managers.

The ground-breaking work of the OECD involves international instruments such as the 2017 Recommendations on Public Integrity; the 2015 Recommendation on Public Procurement; the 2010 Recommendation on Transparency and Integrity in Lobbying, and the 2013 Recommendation on Managing Conflict of Interest in the Public Service. The OECD also supports the G20 efforts in raising the standards and sharing good practices for transparency, accountability, integrity and public procurement.


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