Government of Belgium: Useful links


Government Sites:

Belgian Federal Government (
The official Web Site of the Belgian Federal government with detailed background information on Belgium, its people, its systems and its culture with links to government ministries, the monarchy and European organisations.
(in Dutch, French, German and English)

Belgian Parliament (
Portal page for the two pillars of the Belgian government: the Senate and the Chamber of Representatives.
(in Dutch, French, German and English)

Belgian Senate ( Senate news and activities, profiles of senators, overview of the Senate system, official publications, etc.
(in Dutch and French)

Chamber of Representatives of Belgium (
Presentation of the Chamber, its activities, its members and its publications.
(in Dutch and French with a short English version)

Federal Ministry of Employment and Labour (
An overview of the Belgian Ministry of Employment and Labour, its structure, its competencies, statistics, regulations and publications.
(in Dutch, French, German and English)

Flanders Authority (
On-line portal to the Flanders region with background information on the business, cultural and educational scene.
(in Dutch and English)

Ministry of Economic Affairs (
Information on the Belgian economy and marketplace with a guide for companies and foreign investors.
(in German, English, French and Dutch)

Ministry of Finance (
The portal site for the Ministry of Finance with information on the Minister and his staff, the Euro, public financial institutions and the public market.
(in French, Dutch and English)

Ministry of Justice (
A very comprehensive site with the political structure and organisation of the Ministry and links to legal sources, courts and other government institutions.
(in Dutch, French and German)

Supreme Administrative Court of Belgium (
This site contains a description of the responsibilities of the Council of State with a virtual tour, a decree database and links to online legal resources.
(in Dutch, French, German and English)

Other Sites:

Banking and Finance Commission (
The Commission is in charge of the supervision of financial intermediaries, financial information and the markets for financial instruments, and undertakings for collective investment.
(in Dutch, French and English)

Federal Planning Bureau (
The Federal Planning Bureau (FPB) is a public agency placed under the authority of the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Economy. The F.P.B. is responsible for carrying out macro-economic forecasting, for evaluating the consequences of economic and social policy decisions and for performing structural analyses mainly in the economic, social and environmental issues.
(in Dutch, French and English)

Flanders Foreign Investment Office (
The FFIO is an agency of the Flemish Government tasked with actively promoting Flanders as an investment location for foreign businesses.
(in English, French, German and Japanese)

Interuniversity Council of the French Community of Belgium (
The C.I.U.F. brings together the nine universities of the French-speaking community in Belgium. A portal to the Francophone universities.
(in French only)

National Bank of Belgium (
This site offers general information on the National Bank of Belgium, its mission, its products, the Euro and essential contacts.
(in Dutch, English, French and German)

National Institute of Statistics (
A division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, this is the main statistical institution in Belgium with a large variety of figures.
(in Dutch, French, German and English)

Royal Library of Belgium (
General information about the Royal Library, online catalogs, collections, expostions and other information sources.
(in Dutch and French)


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