STI Outlook 2004: National Science, Technology and Innovation Policies


A key aspect of the OECD Science, Technology and Industry Outlook is the review of significant developments in science, technology and innovation policies in member countries. This page contains links to responses prepared by 24 member countries and 3 observers (China, Russia and South Africa) to the OECD Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy to a questionnaire inquiring about recent policy changes in seven areas of growing importance:

  1. General frameworks for STI policy
  2. Public sector research
  3. Government support to business R&D and innovation
  4. Collaboration and networking among innovating organisations
  5. Human resources for science and technology
  6. Innovation in the service sector
  7. Evaluation of innovation policy.

The responses are presented in their original language only (most in English; in French for Belgium and France). Chapter 2 of the STI Outlook 2004 presents an integrative synthesis of the main trends identified in the responses.

OECD country responses:

Non-member country responses: