Public sector case stories 2015


The Public Sector submitted 93 case stories to the 5th Global Review of Aid for Trade on the topic of "Reducing trade costs for inclusive, sustainable growth".

The case stories below are listed according to reference number, cited in the forthcoming publication Aid for Trade at a Glance 2015 which will be launched at the Global Review on 2 July.

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1 Tanzania Formation of Joint Border Committee Project in Tanzania
2 NCCTTCA Northern corridor Performance Monitoring through the Transport Observatory Portal
3 UNIDO Reducing trade costs, need for re-testing, re-inspection and re-certification abroad through the development of a robust National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) in Malawi
4 UNIDO Ensuring quality and sustainability along the coffee value chain in Burundi
5 Lesotho Trade Facilitation technical assistance Lesotho
6 United Kingdom Trade Facilitation through the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Customs Business Systems Enhancement Project (CBSEP)
7 Japan Capacity Building for the Customs Administrations of the Eastern African Region
8 Chinese Taipei

ICT Technical Cooperation Project (Belize)

9 TradeMark East Africa Trade Facilitation through the Uganda Revenue Authority Customs Business Systems Enhancement Project
10 Tunisia Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche des Télécommunications Laboratoires d'essais CERT LABs - French Version
10 Tunisia Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche des Télécommunications Laboratoires d'essais CERT LABs- English Version
11 Tunisia Guichet Unique des Technologies de l'Information et des Communications - French Version
12 Canada Canada-Americas Trade-Related Technical Assistance Program
13 Rwanda Rwanda Electronic Single Window
14 Tanzania The Project for the modernization of Tanzania Customs administration
15 Cambodia

Increasing the competitiveness and expanding exports of Cambodian rice: Results from collaboration by the Royal Government of Cambodia, the domestic private sector, and the World Bank Group

16 World Bank Group


17 Standards and Trade Development Facility Implementing Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) measures to facilitate safe trade: Conclusions and recommendations from STDF research work in Southeast Asia and Southern Africa
18 Ecuador 

Integrated Regional Project for Progressive Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela - English Version

18 Ecuador  Proyecto Regional Integrado para el Control Progresivo de la Fiebre Aftosa en Perú, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia y Venezuela - Spanish Version
19 Ecuador  CEBAF-Huaquillas Studies and Construction - English Version
19 Ecuador  Estudios y Construcción CEBAF-Huaquillas - Spanish Version
20 Ecuador  Studies for the construction of the new international Rumichaca bridge and structural revision of the old bridge  - English Version
20 Ecuador  Estudios para la construcción del Nuevo Puente Internacional Rumichaca y revisión estructural del Puente Antiguo - Spanish Version
21 Lesotho  Customs Modernisation Programme - Lesotho Revenue Authority
22 Italy  Investment Promotion for Iraq (IPI)
23 SIECA  Implementation of the Central American Electronic Exchange of a Single Customs Form (FAUCA) - English Version
23 SIECA Implementación del Sistema para el Intercambio Electrónico del Formulario Aduanero Único Centroamericano (FAUCA) - Spanish Version
24 Kenya The Kenyan Environment and Implementation of the National Single Window
25 Chile  Agricultural Market Intelligence System - Triangular USAID/USDA - English Version
25 Chile Sistema de Inteligencia de Mercados Agropecuarios - Triangular USAID/USDA  - Spanish Version
26 World Bank Non-Tariff Measures Raise Food Prices and Hinder Regional Integration in Central America
27 World Bank
Reducing trade and transportation costs, boosting competitiveness, and increasing regional integration in Haiti
28 Chile
Strengthening Epidemiological Surveillance in Veterinary Services (FORVE) - English Version
28 Chile Fortalecimiento de la Vigilancia Epidemiológica en los Servicios Veterinarios (FORVE) Spanish Version
29 World Bank The Rwanda Investment Climate Reform Program
30 Chile  Triangular project AGCI-USAID for the Institutional Strengthening of Honduras' SENASA in establishing a public/private system for the phytosanitary inspection, certification and food safety of agricultural export products - English Version
30 Chile Refuerzo de la Unidad de Análisis de Riesgo de Plagas (ARP) y el Sistema de Información Geográfica (SIG que funcionan en la Dirección General de Sanidad Vegetal (DGSV) - Spanish Version
31 World Bank

The World Bank’s Lao PDR Trade Program is an integrated multi-donor program of financing, knowledge and partnerships supporting efforts by the Government of Lao PDR to build export competitiveness and facilitate closer regional integration.

32 Vietnam

Established in 2010, the Global Trade Supplier Finance (GTSF) program is a $500 million multicurrency investment and advisory program that provides short-term finance to emerging market suppliers and smalland medium-sized exporters, helping to address a huge shortfall in supply chain finance.

33 Chile

Triangular project AGCI-USAID for the Institutional Strengthening of Honduras' SENASA in establishing a public/private system for the phytosanitary inspection, certification and food safety of agricultural export products - English Version

33 Chile

Proyecto triangular AGCI - USAID para el Fortalecimiento institucional a SENASA Honduras para el establecimiento de un sistema público - privado de inspección y certificación fitosanitaria y de inocuidad alimentaria de productos agrícolas de exportación.

34 African Development Bank

How well have African Development Bank-funded Air Transport Projects in Ethiopia performed? Lessons learned

35 African Development Bank

Kenya: Nairobi-Thika Highway Improvement Project

36 African Development Bank Democratic Republic of the Congo: Nsele-Lufimi and Kwango-Kenge Roads Rehabilitation Project
37 Tajikistan

Customs Modernization and the Development of the Single Window facility for export/import and transit procedures

39 Madagascar

Impact de l'aide au commerce dans le domaine des négociations commerciales sur le secteur Agriculture et Pêche à Madagascar.

40 Indonesia Indonesia's South-South and Triangular Cooperation: Experience and on moving Forward
41 Office of the Chief Trade Adviser for Pacific Island Countries (OCTA)

The Pacific region is perhaps the most inaccessible region in the world. The geographical isolation affects the competitiveness of Pacific exports. PACER Plus offers a unique opportunity to the Pacific Island Countries to enhance their participation in international trade through enhancing transparency, improving efficiency and lowering cost of doing business.

42 Yemen Success story of implementing ASYCUDA++ in the Republic Yemen
43 Togo Trade facilitation
44 Papua New Guinea

European Union provides training to Papua New Guinea's Customs to benefit from the EU – PNG Free Trade Agreement

45 Madagascar Support for the litchi sector in Madagascar - English Version
45 Madagascar Appui à la filière litchi de Madagascar  - French Version 
46 Asian Development Bank  Hairatan (Norther Uzbekistan) to Mazar-e-Sharif (Afghanistan) Railway Project
48 Australia  Trade Development Facility, Lao PDR
49 International Trade Centre Helping trade and investment support institutions AIM higher
50 Australia  Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships in the Philippines
51 Australia Agriculture, Forestry and Community Development Program in Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia
52 Australia  Bringing Banking to the People
53 Australia  Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (Phase 1)
54 International Trade Centre

Market intelligence: ITC market analysis tools help generate over US$ 126 million in goods and services exports

55 Australia Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access (PHAMA) Program – Phase One
56 International Trade Centre US safety certificate could quintuple Peru’s exports of indigenous food product
57 International Trade Centre Connecting Central and Western Africa to Mekong countries to bolster trade 
58 Costa Rica  Creación del Consejo de Puestos Fronterizos Terrestres 
59 Spain

ASEAN TMview, the common online trademark information platform of the ASEAN Member States aimed at making ASEAN trademark data widely available and easily accessible to all interested stakeholders

60 Asian Development Bank The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program
61 International Trade Centre Say cheese: halal certification helps Egyptian dairy group quadruple sales to Malaysia, find new markets
62 Gambia The Gambia Growth and Competitiveness (GCP) Sponsored Mango Out growers Scheme
63 Gambia Business Environment Reform Program- Single Window Business Registration System (SWBR)
64 Austria Black Sea Electricity Transmission Network in Georgia
65 USAID Borderless Alliance: From campaign to network, a demand drive project
66 Germany  Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration in Asia
67 Germany  Support for the EAC Integration Process in Africa
68 International Trade Centre Netherlands Trust Fund (NTF) Bangladesh
69 Islamic Development Bank  International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation's (ITFC's) Financing Gambian Groundnuts
70 Islamic Development Bank  A Pre-Export Financing for the Indonesian Coffee Sector
71 Asian Development Bank Cambodia: Greater Mekong Subregion Transmission Project
72 Dominica Assistance to Improve Disaster Risk Management Capacities in Agricultural Sectors
73.1 The Netherlands CBI Cases on trade cost reducing initiatives
73.2 The Netherlands CBI Cases on trade cost reducing initiatives
74 Belize

Belize George Price Highway (GPH) Rehabilitation (Improving Belize’s Main Transportation Corridor for further integration into RICAM -The International Network of Mesoamerican Highways)

75 UNIDO  TBT and SPS compliance: Reducing costs to enhance trade opportunities
76 South Pacific Tourism Organisation

Small Micro-Enterprise (SME) e-Marketing Support - 2013 – 2014 across 11 Pacific ACP countries: Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, Tuvalu and Vanuatu

77 South Pacific Tourism Organisation Port Preparedness Programme
78 Fiji Financing Projects Training and Investing in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Workshops
80 France  Trade Capacity Building Programme (PRCC) - English Version 
80  France  Programme de renforcement des capacités commerciales (PRCC) - French Original 
81 Madagascar 

SURVEY FOR UPDATE OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC INDICATORS OF REFERENCES PROJECTS APL2 and APL3 (Adaptable Program Lending or Scalable Pre-Program - World Bank) - English Verison

81 Madagascar 

ENQUETE POUR LA MISE A JOUR DES INDICATEURS SOCIO-ECONOMIQUES DE REFERENCES DES PROJETS APL2 et APL3 (Adaptable Program Lending ou Pré-Programme Evolutif - Banque Mondiale) - French Original 

82 Central African Republic 

The facilitation of transit and transport - English Version 

82 Central African Republic 

La facilitation des transits et des transports - French Original 

104  Madagascar  Support for the mastery of the bee disease (varroasis) in Madagascar by ICIPE / IBAR-UA - English Version 
104  Madagascar  Appui à la maitrise de la maladie des abeilles (varroase) à Madagascar par l'ICIPE/IBAR-UA - French Original 
105 Madagascar 

Programme for Implementation of a Regional Fisheries Strategy for the ESA-IO Region (IRFS) ou Programme SmartFish - English Version 

105  Madagascar 

Programme for Implementation of a Regional Fisheries Strategy for the ESA-IO Region (IRFS) ou Programme SmartFish - French Original 

106  Madagascar 

Improving the quality of agricultural products through organic certification and fair
(Fairtrade Labelling Organisation) groups of producers of Regions and Atsinanana
Analanjirofo - English Version

106  Madagascar 

Amélioration de la qualité des produits agricoles à travers la certification biologique et équitable (Faitrade Labelling Organisation) des groupements des producteurs des Régions Atsinanana et Analanjirofo - French Original 

107  Madagascar  Establishment of the Single Window for Export in Madagascar - English Version 
107  Madagascar  Mise en place du Guichet Unique à l'Exportation à Madagascar - French Version 

The EPA Development Programme (EPADP) implementation process – West Africa – ECOWAS Commission - English Version 


Processus de mise en oeuvre du Programme de l’APE Pour le Développement (PAPED) - Afrique de l’Ouest - Commission de la CEDEAO - French Version

109  Comores Assistance project for the implementation of the CIR Comoros - English Version
109  Comores Projet d'assistance pour la mise en oeuvre du CIR aux Comores - French Version
110 Ecuador

Develop the Single Window Ecuadorian for simplification and modernization processes of Foreign Trade (VUE) - English Version 

110 Ecuador  Desarrollar la Ventanilla Única Ecuatoriana para la simplificación y modernización de los procesos de Comercio Exterior (VUE) - Spanish Version
111 Costa Rica  Modernización de la Ventanilla Única de Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica
113 Interamerican Developement Bank  Knowledge beyond borders - English Version 
113 Interamerican Developement Bank  El conocimiento más allá de las fronteras - Spanish Version
114 Dominican Republic 

Binational Program Haiti-Dominican Republic, Component "Development of Bilateral Trade in the Context of EPA" Funded by the European Union under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) - English Version 

114 Dominican Republic 

Programa Binacional Haití-República Dominicana, Componente “Desarrollo del Comercio Bilateral en el Marco del EPA” Financiado por la Unión Europea bajo el 10mo Fondo Europeo para el Desarrollo (FED) - Spanish Version

115 Interamerican Developement Bank 

A fast, secure track for international trade - English Version 

115 Interamerican Developement Bank 

Vía rápida y segura para el comercio internacional - Spanish Original 


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