Public Sector Case Stories 2017


The Public Sector submitted 102 case stories to the 6th Global Review of Aid for Trade on the topic of "Promoting connectivity".

The case stories below are listed according to reference number, cited in the forthcoming publication Aid for Trade at a Glance 2017 which will be launched at the Global Review from 11 to 13 July 2017





1 International Trade Centre (ITC) Moroccan businesses boost exports of processed food, seafood and leather goods
8 Samoa  Samoa Submarine Cable Project

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

Standardization enabling trust in cyberspace
10 International Telecommunication Union (ITU) ICTs for Sustainable Development 
11 Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development / ITU Where does the UN Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development believe broadband can drive significant progress in sustainable development?    
12  Chinese Taipei  Repair and Upgrade of Bonriki International Airport (Kiribati)
13 Chinese Taipei  Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project 


14 Chinese Taipei  Project for strengthening farmers' organizations and improving fruit and vegetable production technology in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
15 African Development Bank  Impact of mobile payments and banking on the unbanked in African countries
16 African Development Bank  Connect Africa Initiative 
24 Indonesia  Capacity Building Program on Quarantine Inspection and Agricultural Trade-Related Supply Side Capacity
26 CUTS International  Promoting Regional Connectivity through BBIN MVA: Role of TIR Convention
29 International Trade Centre (ITC)  T4SD: Sustainability Map: Helping businesses chart a path to more sustainable trade
30 International Trade Centre (ITC) NTM: Increase Transparency, Identify Challenges and Reduce Trade Costs
31 International Trade Centre (ITC)

EuroMed TIFM: Facilitating trade and investment across the Mediterranean region

32 International Trade Centre (ITC) Made in Morocco: case study on linking SMEs to the world of e-commerce


35 Global Affairs - Canada  Integrated Border Management to Reduce Trade Costs in East Africa
36 Yemen 

Yemen fish exports access European market


38 Myanmar  The Republic of the Union of Myanmar handed over the Ratification for the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA)
39 Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development / ITU More than half the world is still offline, what is the main reason?
40 Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development / ITU
If we want to connect the next 1.5 billion people, where should we be focusing?
41 Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development / ITU The State of Broadband Report 2016 - recommendations for policy makers & world leaders.
42 CCTV-News China E-commerce boosts China's rural economy
52 Malawi  Malawi Trade Portal 
54 TradeMark East Africa  Trade Certificates at a Press of a Button: Automation of the Application and Issuance of Certificates of Origin in Kenya by the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI)
55 Egypt  Trade Facilitation between the Arab Republic of Egypt and Sudan
56 International Trade Centre (ITC) Leveraging the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement to boost intra-regional trade in West Africa
57  Philippines  Philippines Customs Modernization: The Way for Trade Facilitation

Czech Republic 

Improvement of the Situation and Regulatory Framework in Road Transport in Mongolia
59 ECOWAS  Review of E-commerce Legislation Harmonization in the Economic Community of West African States
63 Germany  IT strategy in Kosovo: Supporting the export of IT services and software
64 Germany  Advising Ukraine on Agricultural Trade Issues
65  Germany  Trade Facilitation Development Cooperation – Trade Facilitation along the Dakar-Bamako Corridor
66 Germany  Trade Facilitation in German Development Cooperation
68  STDF Safe Trade Solutions (2015). A film produced by the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF)
69 Bangladesh South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) initiative to establish a sustainable trade and transport facilitation monitoring mechanisms (TTFMM) in Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal
70  United Kingdom G-Soko market system  – Linking small holder farmers to grain buyers across East Africa.


71  TradeMark East Africa 

Busia One Stop Border Post (OSBP)

72 TradeMark East Africa  Elimination of non-tariff barriers to trade in East Africa


73 TradeMark East Africa  Trade Certificates at the Press of a Button


75 Japan Achieving Quality Infrastructure through the ICT of Japan


76 EBRD Rehabilitating railway infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina with EBRD's support
77  EBRD

EBRD and EU prepare businesses for free trade area in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

78 TradeMark East Africa 

Contribution of standards harmonisation and certification towards reduction in the conformity assessment clearance time and cost of testing-the case of the EAC

79 TradeMark East Africa  Uganda Revenue Authority customs business systems enhancement programme


80 TradeMark East Africa  Mombasa Port Infrastructure and Facilities Improvement Project: Gate18/20 and Yard 5 projects
81 Sweden Services Trade, Industrial Development and the African Continental Free Trade Area
83 Brazil  Technical assistance provided to African countries on trade facilitation


84 STDF Electronic Sanitary and Phytosanitary certification for faster and safer trade


86 UNESCAP Framework Agreement on Facilitation of Cross-border Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific: A New Tool for Enhancing Digital Connectivity


87 Pakistan  Pakistan's digital economy: national perspectives on bridging the digital divide
90 World Bank Group  ShopSoko connects local Artisans to Global Markets
91 World Bank Group Kopo Kopo empowers small businesses to shift from cash to digital payments


92 World Bank Group  Maxcom Africa makes paying utility bills fast and convenient


93 World Bank Group  Farmia connects local Farmers to Regional Markets
94 Asian Development Bank  Microfinance in Indonesia: Bringing Banks into the Community
95  Sidley Austin 

Pro Bono Legal Advice for Trade Facilitation

96 Asian Development Bank  Instituting e-Government Procurement in Nepal
97 Asian Development Bank  Tonga's high speed revolution
99 World Bank Group  Economic Opportunities for Jordanians and Syrian Refugees Program for Results
100 World Bank Group  Myanmar Investment Policy Project
101 World Bank Group Using automated data exchange to improve sanitary registration and boost regional trade in Central America
102  World Bank Group   Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Regional Connectivity for shared prosperity
103  World Bank Group 

Gender in Agri- Value Chains, Kosovo, Moldova, Armenia

104  World Bank Group  Senegal - Warehouse Receipts Financing Reform Initiative


105 Asian Development Bank  CAREC Transport and Trade Facilitation: Partnerships for Prosperity


106  Asian Development Bank  SASEC Trade Facilitation Programme
107  Asian Development Bank  CAREC Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy 2020
108 Asian Development Bank  Digital Economy Study in Central and West Asia
109  UNIDO  Breathing New Life into Armenia's Garment Industry
110 Asian Development Bank  Instituting e-Government Procurement in Nepal
111 Asian Development Bank  Integrated Information Communication Technology Strategies for Competitive Higher Education in Asia and the Pacific
112 UNIDO Building confidence, compliance, and international recognition for a world-class cosmetic sector in Colombia
113  Asian Development Bank Developing Myanmar's Information and Communication Technology Sector Towards Inclusive Growth
115  Asian Development Bank  The  Development Dimension of e-Commerce in Asia: Opportunities and Challenges
116 Asian Development Bank  Towards e-Development in Asia and the Pacific
117  Asian Development Bank  Papua New Guinea Expansion of Microfinance Project
118  Asian Development Bank  Banking on Business in Afghanistan
119  Asian Development Bank  Indonesia: Improving Access to Finance in Aceh and North Sumatra
120  Asian Development Bank  Trade Facilitation in South Asia
121  Asian Development Bank  The Greater Mekong Sub Region Transport and Trade Facilitation Action Programme
122  UNESCAP Enhancing Connectivity Through Implementation of National Trade and Transport Facilitation Monitoring Mechanisms (TTFMMs) in South Asian Least Developed Countries
123  Asian Development Bank  Going Digital with the Pacific: Lessons from Samoa's Online Firms
124  Asian Development Bank  A snapshot of e-commerce in Central Asia
125 Asian Development Bank  Strengthening Trade Facilitation in the Greater Mekong Sub Region through Partnerships with the Private Sector
126 CBI Exporting to Europe through ecommerce the case of CBI's support to tropical flower SMEs in Colombia
127  International Trade Centre (ITC) SheTrades Initiative
128 Ghana (West Blue Consulting)  Ghana National Single Window Programme
129 HUB & SPOKES II OIF/MCEC Case study on the facilitation of trade between Congo and its neighbours (French Original)
129 HUB & SPOKES II OIF/MCEC Case study on the facilitation of trade between Congo and its neighbours (English Translation)
134 Enhanced Integrated Framework, RDC Projet de renforcement des capacités productives et commerciales de la filière palmier à huile dans le bassin elaecole du Mayombe dans la province du Kongo centrale (French Original)
134 Enhanced Integrated Framework, RDC Projet de renforcement des capacités productives et commerciales de la filière palmier à huile dans le bassin elaecole du Mayombe dans la province du Kongo centrale (English Translation)
135 Senegal  Le Guichet Unique Electronique "ORBUS" (French Original)
135 Senegal  Le Guichet Unique Electronique "ORBUS" (English Translation)
139 SIECA  Integración Energética: La experiencia de Centroamérica en el diseño e implementación del Mercado Eléctrico Regional (Spanish Original)
139 SIECA Integración Energética: La experiencia de Centroamérica en el diseño e implementación del Mercado Eléctrico Regional (English Translation)
140  SIECA  El Tránsito Internacional de Mercancías (TIM): logros y resultados en El Salvador (Spanish Original)
140 SIECA El Tránsito Internacional de Mercancías (TIM): logros y resultados en El Salvador (English Translation)
143 UNIDO  Strengthening the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) in Nigeria to increase the competitiveness of Nigeria’s goods and services on the domestic, regional and global markets
144 UNIDO  The promotion of agrofood quality labels in Tunisia
145 UNIDO  Promoting Connectivity: Easing the woes of clearance
146 USAID  The US-ASEAN Connectivity through Trade and Investment (US-ACTI) project launches live implementation of the ASEAN Single Window (ASW)
147 USAID  Food Security— Mobile Money Accelerator Program (MMAP)
148 USAID  Women in Informal Cross Border Trade in Southern Africa
149  USAID A Trade Portal Improves Transparency for Imports and Exports in Burma
150  USAID  Peru’s progression to higher value technologies with Standards Alliance support
151 USAID Removing Certificate of Origin Requirements to Facilitate Trade in Agricultural Products in West Africa
155 Australia Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation in Cambodia
156 Australia International Labour Organization Better Work Programme Stage 3
157 Australia World Intellectual Property Organisation Funds in Trust (FiT) Program
159 UNIDO Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development for Shared Prosperity Programmes for Country Partnership
160 IaDB How to Reduce Trade Costs with Modest Investments The Foreign Trade Single-Window in Latin America and the Caribbean
161 Japan  Port development 


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