Private sector case stories 2015


The Private Sector submitted 18 case stories to the 5th Global Review of Aid for Trade. They are listed here by reference number, cited in Aid for Trade at a Glance 2015.





83 Czech Republic Ethiopia: Trade Development support in machinery field through Czech know-how transfer
84 Czech Republic Manual and database design for geohazard identification and risk assessment for infrastructure and human protection
85 The Gambia New Life for MP Farm - Gambia Horticultural Enterprises Ltd.
86 Netherlands Our ONE0Company concept
87 Bangladesh Working with Microsoft: Windows 8 Digital Launch Campaign
88 Bangladesh Branding - A Major Challenge to Connect with Global Value Chain
89 Canada Peru - Canada Branding Initiative
90 Bangladesh Exploring European outsourcing market opportunities for Bangladeshi compaies
91 Global Global Plant Protection Database to resolve trade barriers based on chemical residues
92 Trinidad and Tobago Tobago Good Foods Project - European Business Chamber
93 Trinidad and Tobago Sally's Way Film Production and Distribution
94 Senegal Dubai Ports World - Dakar Container Terminal
95 Brazil Brazil's Foreign Trade Mapping Process to reduce time and costs to export and import
96 South Africa IATA: Implementation of the new Customs Systems Modernization Program in South Africa
97 Global Micro-multinationals, global consumers and the WTO; Towards a 21st Century Trade Regime
98 West Africa Approche régionale en matière de facilitation des échange: Etude d'auto-évaluation des besoins et priorités nationaux et régionaux en matière de facilitation des échanges dans l'espace UEMOA
99 Uganda Kalangala Infrastructure Services and Renewables Projects - Transforming Bugala Island's infrastructure
117 The Netherlands Introducing FairChain: revolution in a cup!


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