A vision for 21st century agricultural policy

The Ministerial meeting will be co-chaired by Mr Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture, United States and Mr Stéphane Le Foll, Minister of Agriculture, Agrifood and Forestry, France. In addition to OECD countries, key emerging and developing countries, representatives of civil society and international organisations active in food and agriculture issues will attend, bringing together an enriching diversity of views. The intention is to have an interactive and spontaneous meeting, with ample space for discussions in breakout sessions.

The objective of the discussions will be to highlight the common policy priorities of governments confronting both opportunities and challenges in feeding a growing world population, managing its natural resources, and dealing with climate change. Countries at all stages of development have more shared interests than differences in building a healthy, productive, and resilient global food system. But what remains to be seen is how far and fast governments are prepared to adjust their policy settings towards those that can best ensure we achieve these shared goals.

Co-chairs and Ministers

Meet the Co-chairs and Ministers from OECD and partner economies that are attending the meeting.

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The Ministerial Meeting follows a fast-paced programme that brings together discussants in small and interactive groups to explore a common vision for 21st century agricultural policy.

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Background documentation

The OECD Secretariat supports the Ministerial Meeting through a range of analytical notes on recent developments in and around agricultural policy.

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More about agriculture

Learn more about the research and analysis done at the OECD to support the global agricultural system.

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