Sector performance: Productivity, sustainability and green growth

Amid divergent views and incomplete information, OECD has sought to clarify trends in productivity and sustainability globally, with a view to accurately evaluating the scale of the challenges facing the food system. OECD analysis has found that in general, productivity growth remains robust, although there are signs of slowdown in some specific products or regions. Nevertheless, in the face of climate change, and with resource pressures mounting, the real need is for sustainable productivity growth and green growth. Contributing to a deep horizontal OECD-wide exercise on green growth, a broad strategy has been defined for an economic development path that is consistent with long-run environmental protection, using natural resources within their carrying capacity, while providing acceptable living standards and poverty reduction in all countries. County experiences in developing and implementing green growth policies in the agricultural sector have been reviewed. Green growth indicators have been proposed for development. The role of agricultural advisory services, training and extension in promoting green growth has been evaluated. The potential of particular farm practices to generate green growth has been investigated, ranging from integrated pest management, to organic farming, biotechnologies and precision farming.


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