OECD Guidelines for Fruit and Vegetables


Guidelines on Objective Tests

This brochure describes the methods of objective testing of fruits that have emerged as beneficial to both Inspection Services, and the fruit industry in general in determining acceptable levels of ripeness and quality. Also available in German (Leitfaden zu objektiven Testmethoden).


Guidelines on Training of Inspectors

This brochure is an international reference to the private and public Inspection Services, helping them to establish a professional inspection team and facilitates the development of initial and annual education plan for quality inspectors. 


These guidelines list the criteria for defining inspection priorities (risk analysis).


Guidelines on the verification of the country of origin

The marketing standards for fruit and vegetables require the mandatory indication of the country of origin. In addition, the region of growing may be indicated on a voluntary basis. The indication of origin is important for consumers and traders. For fruit and vegetables, the country of origin is the country where a particular fruit or vegetable has been grown and harvested. The true indication of the country of origin is a question of transparency and reliability. However, this information is only valuable if it can be verified during inspection. These Guidelines provide a systematic procedure for the verification of the country of origin indicated on the packages. It takes into account the different stages of marketing including cross-border trade as well as online trade.


Guidelines for the implementation of quality controls in the event of pandemics and other disruptive events

These non-binding guidelines aim to support authorities in the implementation of the OECD Scheme for the Application of International Standards to Fruit and Vegetables’ quality controls in case of pandemics or disruptive events. They apply to export and import quality controls and address both physical and remote inspection cases.


Guidelines on Quality Inspection







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