OECD Global Forum on Agriculture

OECD Global Forum on Agriculture 2022: Enhancing Agriculture and Food Systems’ Contribution to Climate Mitigation

25 April 2023

Food systems are facing pressures to transform and the measurement of carbon emissions will have a key role to play. In the coming decades, it is likely that firms will increasingly need to report detailed, quantitative information on carbon footprints and other environmental impacts in order to access in many markets. Currently, GHG emissions in the food system account for one-third of global emissions; more effort reduce these emissions is needed in order to meet net zero goals by 2050.

The Global Forum on Agriculture 2023 brought together policy makers and experts from across the food system (farmers, investors, researchers, standard setters, and retailers) to explore the growing trends towards measuring and communicating carbon footprints in food systems, as well as the role the OECD could play in this area to move from fragmentation to collaboration.

Materials from the event:

Agenda Background Note Summary


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