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Making Reform Happen for Sustainable Fisheries



Paris, France | 2 May 2018

Better and more effective management of fisheries worldwide is necessary to maximise the benefits of fishing while preserving aquatic ecosystems. Many of the negative ecosystem impacts of fishing can be mitigated by putting in place better and new technologies and regulations, most of which are available now. Governments are more and more aware of the need for improved fisheries management frameworks, and the better solutions that are available.

Unfortunately, the objectives for sustainable fisheries are often undermined by policies that ultimately encourage unsustainable harvest levels and methods, such as those that aim to support incomes or increase production. Reform can be difficult to achieve in practice due to poor information, insufficient resources, policy incoherence, vested interests and lack of trust. This is why it is so important that countries have set objectives for negotiations at the WTO and as part of UN Sustainable Development Goals to restore fisheries’ sustainability and eliminate harmful support policies.

The OECD conference Making reform happen for sustainable fisheries brought together policy-makers and specialists from business, academia and civil society to explore practical ways to accelerate fisheries policy reforms.


Documents and presentations



  • Introductory session
  • Building support for reform
  • Networking lunch
  • Using evidence throughout the reform process
  • Designing successful reform packages
  • Wrap-up and recommendations



if you have any questions about this workshop, please contact the Trade and Agriculture Directorate (OECD).


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