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Making agro-food markets work for ASEAN



Hanoi, Viet Nam | 5-6 November 2018

The OECD-ASEAN region outreach event, Making agro-food markets work for ASEAN, took place in Hanoi, Viet Nam, on 5th-6th November 2018. The 1.5-day event brought together representatives of ASEAN, OECD members and other countries, agricultural experts from the OECD Secretariat and other intergovernmental organisations, producer groups and agribusiness, and researchers. The event aimed to evaluate and strengthen the process of policy and trade reform through forward-looking analysis, and to provide policy options for addressing emerging agricultural policy issues, with a focus on the real world needs of policy makers.

The discussions focused on four key topics of concern for ASEAN: (i) the establishment of domestic and regional food safety systems; (ii) ensuring widespread food security in the region; (iii) digital technologies and what they mean for agriculture, and (iv) deriving the greatest benefit from global agro-food value chains (GVCs). As such, the event provided a forum for the exchange and sharing of knowledge and best practices in domestic and cross-border food safety regulation, and for the discussion of results of recent analyses undertaken by the OECD Secretariat of relevance to both food security and agro-food GVCs. In the context of discussions on food security, the event featured the release of a new OECD book which examines public stockholding policies related to rice in Asia.


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