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Innovation in the food and agriculture system: Policies to foster productive and sustainable solutions


Workshop on innovations in food and agriculture

Paris, France | 25-26 February 2016

Innovation in the food and agricultural system is key to sustain the productivity growth needed to meet the growing and more diverse demand for food, feed, fuel and fibre at global level, while preserving environmental resources, and adapting to and mitigating climate change. New developments in science offer promising applications in primary agriculture and downstream industries in food processing and nonfood uses of biomass. Moreover, given the global nature of these challenges, international cooperation in the development, dissemination and application of appropriate science, technologies, techniques and related regulatory frameworks will bring global benefits.

A one and a half day workshop took place in Paris on 25-26 February 2016 to discuss with experts how scientific, technological, and farm practice innovation can improve productivity and sustainability in the food and agricultural sector, with a focus on international collaboration. The workshop was organised jointly by the Trade and Agriculture Directorate (TAD) and the Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) of the OECD.

The workshop focused on two broad areas with multiple applications to food and agriculture: the bioeconomy and big data generated by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). It provided an opportunity to discuss with scientists, agricultural experts and policy makers the extent to which innovations in these areas could improve productivity and sustainability in the food and agricultural sector. Participants also discussed how to facilitate innovation actors, policy makers and regulators in their efforts.


Documents and presentations



Session 1: Innovations in the bioeconomy

  • Genomics and the bioeconomy, by James Philp, OECD/STI
  • Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in the Bioeconomy: A challenge for Europe, Erik Mathijs
  • Biorefinery 2030: Partnerships for the bioeconomy, Pierre-Alain Schieb
  • Bioeconomy in the Grand Strategy of the Indonesian Agricultural Develpment, Robert Manurung
  • The Age of Gene editing, Steffi Friedrichs
  • Regulatory approaches to seeds, Marcel Bruins


Session 2: Big data generated by Information and Communication Technologies

  • Big opportunities for big data in food and agriculture, Krijn Poppe
  • USA Agriculture big data situation, John Fulton
  • Integrating the food system, John Crawford
  • Space for Agriculture: Opportunities to supporting a competitive Agricultural sector in Canada, Andrew M. Davidson
  • From image to information, Markus Muerth
  • Introduction to big data activation in Retail, Zyed Jamoussi
  • Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) for Growth and Well-Being: Mapping the key policy issues, Christian Reimsbach-Kounatze


Session 3: International cooperation for innovation

  • International co-operation in food and agricultural sustainability research: the NZ experience so far, Bruce McCallum
  • Enabling international research collaboration: New Zealand's experience with the Global Research Alliance (GRA), Matthew Hooper
  • Experience of research cooperation in Chile and Latin America, Emilio Ruz
  • Avenues for cooperation: Satellite data sharing and impacts, Claire Jolly
  • Wheat initiative: An international research partnership for wheat improvement, Hélène Lucas
  •  International Regulatory Cooperation and Innovation, Frank van Tongeren


Background information

  • Technology and Science to Meet Future Food Demand by Dominik Klauser, Vivienne Anthony & Marco Ferroni, Syngenta foundation for sustainable agriculture
  • Resumen Ejecutivo de la Política y Estrategia de Cooperación Internacional chilena para el desarrollo, by Emilio Ruz (Document in Spanish)
  • List of bio-based reports in the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation
  • A European Perspective on the Economics of Big Data, by Krijn Poppe, Sjaak Wolfert and Cor Verdouw, LEI Wageningen UR and Alan Renwick, University College Dublin
  • STI Policy Note: Data-driven Innovation for Growth and Well-being: What implications for Governments and Buisinesses? 


The OECD invests directly in stimulating international co-operation and collaboration in agricultural research and innovation through the Co-operative Research Programme: Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems (CRP). The CRP promotes such international co-operation through funding conferences and workshops and research fellowships related to the themes of: Managing Natural Capital for the Future; Managing Risks in a Connected World; and Transformational Technologies and Innovation.



If you have any question about the workshop, please contact the Trade and Agriculture Directorate (OECD).




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