This section provides downloadable documents and links to external resources. The methodology document describes in detail the organisation and contents of the AMIS Policy Database. Other explanatory documents provide additional information on how to interpret and use the AMIS Policy Database.

Explanatory documents

  • Diagram organization policies
    This diagram shows the hierarchical organisation of policies in the AMIS Policy Database.
  • Concept Note
    This note provides a short explanation of the AMIS Policy Database and the online tool.
  • Methodology
    The methodology document describes how the AMIS Policy Database was developed, and explains the structure, the policy and commodity classifications, the updating procedure, and the fields of the database.
  • How to use the data on export restrictions
    This note highlights some issues that should be taken into consideration when using the data on export restrictions of the AMIS Policy Database for graphical representations and analytical purposes. The main purpose of this note is to avoid the incorrect use of these data which can lead to incorrect interpretations.
  • Codelist
    Certain variables in the AMIS Policy Database are represented by a code. This code was created for database organizational purposes but can also be used to search and filter the database. This document lists all those codes and their descriptions.
  • Commodity list
    The Commodity List provides the complete description of all commodities and their codes.
  • Shared Groups list
    In the case of export quota and tariff quota, the policy measure can be shared among a group of commodities. The composition of each shared group is recorded in the Shared Group List.

External resources

The dataset on export restrictions is an original dataset developed by the OECD for AMIS. It is constructed by gathering information from official legal documents, government websites and other reliable sources.

The data on import tariffs, tariff quotas and producer and consumer support were extracted from existing WTO or OECD databases. Links to these databases and their detailed methodology documents can be found below:

Last Update of AMIS Policy Database: July 2023