20th anniversary of UNI Global Union, 9 March 2021


Remarks by Angel Gurría,

Secretary-General, OECD

Transcript of video message
Paris, 9 March 2021

Dear General Secretary Hoffman, dear friends,

It is a great pleasure to join you for the virtual celebration of the 20th anniversary of UNI Global Union.

My congratulations for the work you have done to improve working conditions on the global labour market over the past twenty years. For representing the voices of 20 million service workers in 150 countries; for negotiating more than 50 Global Framework Agreements for fair working standards; and for co-founding the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.

There has been an undeniable decline in trade union density in OECD countries – from 33% in 1975 to 16% in 2018. This has made your work all the more relevant. Well-designed and well-implemented social dialogue is crucial to deal with both old and new challenges in the labour market.

In the current context of the pandemic, social dialogue has helped shape and implement policies to support workers and the economy. Indeed, social partners and governments have negotiated measures to limit the spread of the virus and to promote a safe return to work.

Social dialogue is also at heart of the OECD, from our analytical work, to our engagement with Business at the OECD (BIAC) and the Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC), and through the Global Deal Initiative. UNI Global Union has been, and continues to be, a key partner to the Global Deal and the OECD more generally in promoting a fair globalisation.

I encourage you to continue your long-standing constructive engagement with the OECD’s National Contact Points for Responsible Business Conduct.

Dear General Secretary, dear friends,

The importance of social dialogue cannot be overstated in these challenging times. The work of UNI Global Union is key to build back a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable economy.

You will always have a partner in the OECD to pursue these goals.

Count on us!


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