2020 Global Korea Convention


Remarks by Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General

Paris, France, 9 December 2020
Transcript of video Message

It is a great pleasure to contribute to the 2020 Global Korea Convention on a ‘Vision for Peace and Co-operation’, focusing on sustainable development and on helping countries to tackle the COVID-19 crisis and its economic and social consequences.

Korea’s swift and efficient reaction to contain the spread of the virus has been a source of knowledge and inspiration to us all. Based on the strategy of “TRUST”- Transparency, Resilience, Unity and Safety Together”, Korea offers valuable lessons for countries around the globe on how to tackle the virus. Korean health experts are assisting a number of developing countries in their surveillance and responses to COVID-19.

Korea also plays a valuable role on the global stage and has become a driving force behind the global development and inclusive growth agendas. It has helped bridge the divide between developing and developed countries’ interests, including through its leadership in the adoption of the G20 Development Agenda in 2010 and through the 2011 Busan High Level Forum on Development and Effectiveness.

In the spirit of promoting greater international co-operation and development, this year marks the 10th Anniversary of Korea joining the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) – which it is also currently Vice-Chairing.

Since joining the DAC, Korea has worked hard to strengthen its aid and to contribute to global development efforts. Specifically, over a single generation, Korea has transformed itself from an aid recipient to an important aid donor, through rapid and sustained economic growth and poverty elimination.

As a full-fledged donor, Korea has strived to provide quality development assistance and is seen by many developing countries as a successful model and a valuable source of knowledge on development.

Dear friends,

The 2020 Global Korea Convention demonstrates Korea’s commitment to multilateralism and to the realities of developing countries, as well as its resolve to beating the virus.

You can count on the OECD to continue working with you, and for you, to achieve a strong, inclusive, sustainable and green recovery. I wish you a fruitful discussion.



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