Digital Window for Investment in the State of Yucatan


Remarks by Angel Gurría, Secretary-General, OECD

Paris, 5 January 2021

Dear Governor of Yucatan Mauricio Vila, dear friends,

A year ago, the OECD and the State of Yucatan signed a cooperation agreement to simplify and digitise those procedures with the highest impact on business.

Today, I am very pleased to present the result of this work – the Digital Window for Investment.

According to our research, the Window for Investment is the first and only portal of its kind in all of Mexico. Why is it unique? For several reasons:

• First, because it is the first digital portal aimed not only at companies with a significant impact on the economy (with the capacity to generate 50 or more jobs) but also at SMEs.

• Second, because it includes all the procedures necessary for investing, such as the processes for buying and selling property, building facilities, and opening and launching operations.

• Third, because, in accordance with OECD recommendations on improving regulations, all the procedures were subject to process re-engineering and simplification. The result was a reduction in requirements of more than 55%, and a reduction in average response time of 85%.

• Fourth, because the procedures are digitised from end to end, meaning that the investor starts the procedures online and finishes them online. There is no need to visit government offices.

The OECD recognises these achievements and we are happy to present them here before showing them off proudly at the OECD. The Yucatan and OECD teams for regulatory improvement worked hand in hand to achieve these results.

The OECD’s initial diagnosis concluded that the State government should carry out 349 actions to ensure the successful functioning of the Window, and to improve other processes with a high impact on business activity and citizens.

In order to produce this diagnosis our experts made multiple visits to Merida to hold meetings with all the stakeholders.

The OECD’s contribution also involved the participation of independent evaluators from the regional governments of Catalonia, and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Catalonia is characterised by a very sophisticated system of regulatory improvement, and Buenos Aires by a very intensive use of information technologies in its procedures for citizens and businesses.

Since the initial diagnosis, the OECD has provided ongoing advice to Yucatan and has issued two progress reports. We will prepare a third progress report in April, when we expect all 349 actions to have been fully implemented.

Today's launch of the Window for Investment is proof that we are on track to achieve this goal.

The launch of this Digital Window for Investment:

1. Demonstrates the commitment of the Yucatan State government to adopting OECD recommendations on regulatory improvement, and to ensuring the effective implementation thereof.

2. Demonstrates the State government's commitment to providing simple, easily accessible, online procedures. This is of great importance in times of low investment such as the one that Mexico is experiencing. Our latest Economic Outlook indicates that investment in Mexico is about 17 percentage points below its level in 2019. Furthermore, as we continue to suffer from the restrictions imposed on us by the pandemic, facilitating digital transactions is an imperative for governments, and one to which Yucatan has responded.

3. Sends a strong and clear message to investors: Yucatan is open for business and is ready, through digital procedures, to make life easier for entrepreneurs.

Dear Governor, friends,

At the OECD we work with governments that are committed to designing and implementing public policies based on international best practices, with the aim of fostering inclusive economic growth. Our motto is better policies for better lives. Today, with the Digital Window for Investment, the OECD and the Yucatan State government are meeting this goal, with faster procedures and better government services that will boost investment and job creation for better lives for all the citizens of Yucatan.

Thank you


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