OECD’s Gurría welcomes adoption of France’s Loi Macron


10/7/15 - With the passage of the law for Growth, Activity and Equality of Opportunities, the French government has taken a step forward in its efforts to strengthen the competitiveness of the economy,” OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría said today . “With growth still weak globally, this law is a crucial to enhance the dynamism of the French economy, its ability to create jobs and to provide equal economic opportunities for all its citizens. Progress in this area must be reinforced to continue to improve growth potential.”


The law simplifies regulations, opens markets to greater competition and aims to increase the efficiency of public policies in a number of areas, including regulated professions, retail trade and the labour market. By opening passenger coach transport the new law is set to create new markets, allowing people to travel long distances at lower costs. The law should also help stimulate employee savings and shareholdings. OECD analysis shows that these measures should raise economic growth, purchasing power and employment. Mr Gurría said the OECD looks forward to continuing to work with the French government to support its reform programme.


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