OECD Yearbook 2012


Towards a positive legacy of a terrible crisis: the title of the editorial by OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría sets the tone in this second annual OECD Yearbook 2012. The 168 page volume, which is part of your OECD Observer subscription, features articles by renowned guests from government, business, trade unions and civil society who join OECD experts to take stock of the crisis and explore the key questions that confront the world economy in the year ahead, among which:

  • What lessons has the crisis taught us about economic policy making and the need for new approaches?

  • Will unemployed youths ever reach their full working potential?

  • How big a threat is inequality to growth and stability?

  • How do we really measure the progress of our societies?

The OECD Yearbook also presents country snapshots for 40 developed economies and emerging markets, based on data from the renowned OECD Factbook.

Video booth

These videos illustrate and complement articles from the OECD Yearbook 2012.

Chapter 1: Managing risk

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Chapter 2: Going social

Chapter 3: Reinventing development

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Chapter 4: Rethinking governance

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Chapter 5: Making progress




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More than ever, the OECD Yearbook and our award-winning quarterly, the OECD Observer, which marks its 50th anniversary this year, help busy policymakers stay ahead of today’s pressing challenges. Articles from the OECD Yearbook 2012 are also available on


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