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OECD Economic Outlook

Analyses the current economic situation and examines the economic policies required to foster a sustained recovery in member countries. Forecasts generally cover the next 18-24 months for both OECD countries and selected non-OECD economies. It is a unique tool to keep abreast of world economic developments.

Latin American Economic Outlook

The Latin American Economic Outlook is the OECD Development Centre’s annual analysis of economic developments in Latin America. Each edition includes a detailed macroeconomic overview packed with statistics and analysis. Each issue also includes an in-depth look at one sector critical for development in Latin America, taking into account the strategic challenges and opportunities the region will have in the future.

OECD Skills Outlook

This first OECD Skills Outlook presents the initial results of the OECD Survey of Adult Skills, which evaluates the skills of adults in 22 OECD and 2 non-OECD partner countries.

International Migration Outlook

International Migration Outlook

This annual publication analyses recent developments in migration movements and policies in OECD countries and some non-member countries.  It cover migration of highly qualified and low qualified workers, both temporary and permanent, as well as students.

African Economic Outlook

The African Economic Outlook reviews recent economic, social and political developments and the likely short-term evolution of Africa.

OECD Communications Outlook

Published every two years, this report presents the most recent comparable data on the performance of the communication sector in OECD countries and on their policy frameworks.

OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook

OECD's annual statistics and projections for major agricultural commodities. It analyses how global and domestic forces are shaping agricultural markets over the next decade and highlights some of the risks and uncertainties that may influence the agricultural outlook.

OECD Pensions Outlook

The OECD Pensions Outlook examines the changing pensions landscape. It looks at pension reform, the design of automatic adjustment mechanisms, coverage of private pension systems and guarantees in defined contribution pension systems. It closes with a policy roadmap for defined contribution pensions and a statistical annex.

OECD Internet Economy Outlook 2012

Supported by time series data, this publication presents an overview of trends and highlights how the Internet sector has proven to be resilient during the recent economic crisis.

OECD Environmental Outlook to 2050: The Consequences of Inaction

Based on joint modelling by the OECD and the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, this book looks forward to the year 2050 to find out what demographic and economic trends might mean for the environment.

OECD Sovereign Borrowing Outlook

Each year, the OECD circulates a survey on the borrowing needs of member countries. The responses are included in the OECD Sovereign Borrowing Outlook, an annual publication looking at trends and developments associated with sovereign borrowing requirements and debt levels, from the perspective of public debt managers. The Outlook provides data and information on borrowing needs and funding policies for the OECD area and other country groupings. Its coverage includes gross borrowing requirements, net borrowing requirements, central government marketable debt, funding strategies and instruments and distribution channels.

OECD Regional Outlook

The OECD Regional Outlook provides an overview of the main developments in performance in OECD regions and the challenges for regional policy.

OECD Employment Outlook

OECD's annual report on employment in OECD countries. Each edition reviews recent trends, policy developments, and prospects. A statistical annex provides data on unemployment rates, incidence of part-time employment, employment/population ratios, and activity rates. Also included are data on expenditure on labour market programmes, average annual wages, and earnings dispersion. Special Chapters examine issues of topical interest.

Southeast Asian Economic Outlook

The Southeast Asian Economic Outlook examines medium-term growth prospects, recent macroeconomic policy challenges, and structural challenges including human capital, infrastructure and SME development.  It also looks at economic disparities “between” and “within” countries in the region.  

OECD Information Technology Outlook

Appearing every two years, this report analyses recent developments in the IT goods and services industries and suggests future prospects.

OECD Science, Technology and Industry Outlook

In addition to examining main trends across the OECD, the report delves into specific topics that are high on the agenda of innovation policy makers, such as the role of intellectual property rights and technology licensing markets in innovation performance, policies to enhance benefits of the globalisation of business R&D, human resources for science and technology, and the evaluation of innovation policy. While retaining its focus on developments in OECD countries, it also highlights key developments in a number of important non-member economies, including China, Russia and South Africa.

World Energy Outlook

The International Energy Agency's annual energy projections. Updated projections of energy demand, production, trade and investment, fuel by fuel and region by region for the next 25 years.


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