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23 members of new Youth Advisory Board have been chosen

After a review process of the 600+ high-quality applications received, we have selected 23 young people aged between 18-30 from 25 OECD member countries (some having a dual nationality).

Youthwise is made up of 12 women and 11 men who will bring youth voices into OECD policy debates, under the umbrella of the “I am the future of work” campaign and through the Youth Action Plan that is being developed.

As part of a transformative recovery agenda, urgent help must be provided to youth in order to prevent long-term scarring of a generation. The different kinds of help and how they are delivered should be determined in collaboration with young people themselves. Not only are the stakes high for them, but their lived experiences, resilience and creativity, can help policy makers reinvent learning, working and living after COVID-19.

Joining OECD Youthwise

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