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The global space economy has grown rapidly in recent years: Morgan Stanley, a bank, forecasts a three-fold increase in the space economy from USD 350bn in 2016 to USD 1.1tn in 2040.

The falling cost of access to space has placed greater emphasis on digital assets, with the exploitation of satellite data and signals playing an increasingly important role as the digitalisation of the economy gathers pace.

However, rapid growth in the space economy has come with rapid growth in space junk, ranging from specks of paint and lens caps to rocket bodies and other large objects. A higher probability of on-orbit collisions could lead to the disruption or loss of vital satellite data – one of the potential unintended consequences of unchecked expansion.


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Russia’s war in Ukraine has set the global economy on a course of lower growth and rising inflation. Laurence Boone outlines the consequences and policy challenges ahead. 

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Understanding human behaviour works hand-in-hand with climate change policy. The OECD’s Chiara Varazzani and Rare’s Kevin Green explain how.

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What does the pandemic-driven urban flight mean for how we manage our cities? The OECD’s Rudiger Ahrend, Boris Cournède, Paolo Veneri and Volker Ziemann investigate.

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