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“We consider the OECD a symbol of good governance, economic efficiency and respect to democracy. We believe in the same values and principles. For this reason, I see with optimism our future relations with this important Organisation and all its members.”

“I hope the OECD will continue to use its expertise to advance its objectives of promoting better policies for better lives, and bolster strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth of the world economy.”

“The OECD promotes high standards of living, sustainable growth and employment, while maintaining financial stability. Today the OECD’s commitment to create better policies for better lives is needed more than ever.”

"The Organisation has significantly contributed to the development of standards and the formulation of economic and development policies capable of achieving the slogan agreed upon by its member states: Better policies for better lives."

“The OECD is today recognised for promoting people standards and inclusive government policies. Kazakhstan is grateful to the OECD for its support in the on-going journey to develop our State.”

“Mauritius has a long history of fruitful collaboration with the OECD in the field of international taxation and development.”

"Le Maroc pourra accompagner et soutenir la stratégie des relations mondiales de l’OCDE à l’échelle du continent africain."

“It is imperative to remember the hard work of all Secretaries-General: a legacy started with Thorkil Kristensen and today in the capable hands of Ángel Gurría.”

“OECD’s evidence-based policies to improve economic and social well-being worldwide, its focus on inclusive private sector governance is much needed, particularly for Africa’s industrialization agenda.”

“I applaud the OECD’s role in advancing the global economy by promoting high quality international norms and standards.”

“Nos pays d’Afrique sont heureux de bénéficier du soutien du Centre de développement notamment les statistiques, les politiques de protection sociale, de jeunesse, de transformation structurelle et d’aide publique au développement.”

“I hope that the OECD will maintain its role in conducting research and policy consultation, fostering new momentums and growth models upholding rules-based multilateralism.”

“The role of the OECD, its principles and values are more valid than ever, with the objective placed on our people’s well-being, especially those most vulnerable, in order to achieve better policies for better lives.”

“The OECD brings analytical rigor, excellence, best practices and global standards. Combined with ADB’s deep country knowledge, financial strength and credibility in the Asia and Pacific Region, it makes for a highly effective partnership.”

“The OECD has been an unrelenting force for good dedicated to prosperity and progress. Its research, analysis and standard-setting work continue to inform and improve the lives of people of all backgrounds from all around the world.”

“It has been an honour to work with the OECD. We are partners in different initiatives such as policy dialogues, data collection, analysis and joint reports, and in showing why measuring well-being and progress is a key priority in defining better policies for better lives.”

“The OECD’s mission is to build better policies for better lives, and I really believe that this goal is as relevant today as it was 60 years ago.”

"The OECD has helped countries identify reforms that support development and growth, and promoted multilateral solutions to global challenges. You’ve helped us understand which kind of reforms are more effective and under which conditions – and crucially – how they can be made inclusive."

“The OECD has established itself as a central pillar of the multilateral system, driving a change in the way economic and societal progress is built and preserved for the next generations.”

“La OCDE será uno de los vehículos más importantes para nuestra recuperación (de la crisis más profunda que ha combatido la OCDE en estas 6 décadas, por causa de la pandemia del COVID-19).”

“The OECD has become an ever more important and influential actor and partner on the multilateral scene.”

“We have been partners in many areas, supporting inclusive and sustainable growth and improvements in living standards. We highly value your leadership on international standards from taxation to anti-corruption.”

“I take this opportunity to pay tribute to the OECD Secretary-General, my friend Angel Gurría for his outstanding leadership over the last 14 years.”

“By focusing on issues such as prosperity, equality, opportunity and well-being for all, while shaping new policies, the work of the OECD always reminded us of the human face of economic development.”

“This is the time to join forces and strengthen our global institutions – together our democratic countries can overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow, and preserve the values that unite us, freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law.”

“Desde 1960, la OCDE ha desarrollado estándares, normas e iniciativas que han sido la base de ambiciosos programas de reformas económicas y sociales con el objetivos de mejorar el bienestar de los ciudadanos y la gobernanza sobre la base de la experiencia compartida de los países miembros y socios en todo el mundo.”

"Over the past 60 years, the OECD has established itself as a reference for objective analysis, the sharing of best practices, the production of reliable data and recommendations for public policies."

"At a time when the world faces the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, a climate crisis and other severe challenges, the collective action enshrined in the OECD Convention is needed more than ever. It is a key norm-setting body and a trusted source of data and analysis. The UN looks forward to this continued partnership in overcoming crises and building a more sustainable and equitable future for all on a healthy planet."

“OECD Member States continue to display a powerful commitment to multilateralism and international solidarity.”

“The OECD has been at the forefront of fostering economic development and prosperity by providing evidence, data, analysis and solutions to economic, social and environmental challenges.”

« C’est en vertu de son implication pour un multilatéralisme fort, au service du bien commun, que je veux saluer l’action de l’OCDE et son engagement pour des valeurs qui sont aussi les nôtres. »

“We are very pleased that the OECD enables policy makers to focus on issues such as the role of women and girls through the data and the analysis that you make available.”

“60 years ago, the OECD created the very spirit of international cooperation and action. Since then the OECD has effectively engaged with stakeholders, consistently bringing rigorous evidence and analytical support to better equip decision-makers.”

“The OECD enhances our way of thinking as a reliable and strategic partner, one that we know we can work with and learn from on a full spectrum of priority areas.”

“The OECD has proved its capacity to adapt and remain relevant to the challenges of the day, time and time again.”

“The OECD has recognised the importance to shape economic and social policies in the framework of the fourth industrial revolution.”

“Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we learned the hard way that global challenges cannot be solved by a single country’s efforts. To this end, the OECD’s role is indispensable.”

“The OECD is the world’s largest and most successful think tank, in which members’ agenda is to study together and learn together, as a collective that shares a common vision of sustainable and inclusive economic growth.”

“Being a member of the OECD is an aspirational goal and a powerful tool that helps consolidate reforms and drive inclusive and sustainable economic policies.”

“The OECD is the world’s greatest policy shop.”

“When people ask me, what can Costa Rica expect from joining the OECD. I respond with modesty and pride: help us become an improved version of the country we already are – not different, but better.”

“The OECD-Women’s Forum partnership highlights women’s voices, vision and added value, not only on gender issues, but on topics that concern the entire humanity.”

“Today the OECD excels in structural fields, particularly in the economic area, environment, energy, development assistance.”

“Global challenges require global solutions. The OECD has been a pioneer in acknowledging that health is not just a result of economic development, but also one of its key determinants.”

“Your contributions to humanity have never been more critical than in the very recent few years. An important area has been to convince business to change its behaviour and produce the desperately needed inclusive prosperity and growth.”

“Thanks to the work of the OECD, world leaders are increasingly treating healthcare as an investment – one that not only promotes lives, but also promotes economic growth”

“Many lives have become better! Some OECD highlights are the Better Life Index, the Making Reform Happen project and the work on tax harmonisation. OECD’s work is valid, solid, evidence based and relevant.”

“This Organisation has brought so much to people’s lives over many years. It has proven a platform to bring parliamentarians, NGOs, campaigners and individuals together to discuss the issues of the day and the issues going forward.”

"The OECD’s leadership to prioritise skill development has helped millions of young people gain skills to contribute to their families, communities and countries.”

“As we face the future, the OECD must play its part to help governments navigate this crisis, together with social partners, with an ambition to achieve an inclusive, green and fair recovery.”

“OECD reaches 60 in a fully globalised world, where cumulated challenges – pandemics, terrorism, and climate change – know of no border and no race. We have all learnt that no positive change ever takes place if not triggered by a deep crisis. Let us make sure that we define, not just a “recovery” model, but a new one, more sustainable, more equitable, more inclusive and above all, more people-centred.”

“The OECD has been actively promoting international collaboration and cooperation in many aspects of our economies. I believe such activities are more important than ever, as multilateralism is key for the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“The OECD is deeply committed to living up to its name for co-operation and development. In partnership with AARP, OECD helps people to take advantage of the opportunities of increased longevity and helps Governments meet the challenges of their ageing societies.”

“Through its Global Parliamentary Network, the OECD has become a key player in promoting issues of utmost importance for the globe such as the Paris agreement, tax transparency and justice, and recently common digital standards for the digital future protecting our fundamental principles.”

“It is crucial that we cities strengthen international co-operation and collaboration and take the perspective of sustainable recovery to overcome the crisis.”

“The OECD is the No. 1 think tank of this planet. Providing us with facts, numbers, theories, ideas, diagnosis, proposals that lead to build a better world.”

“Today the OECD sets forward the right objectives: the future of the economy is to be more resilient, green and inclusive.”

“OECD's work in my area, income inequality, has not only been indispensable for anyone interested in inequality and its macroeconomic effects, but preserved the interest in the topic in the years that very few other institutions studied it. OECD publications are distinguished by their comprehensiveness, careful applied research, and non-partisan objectivity.”

“The OECD Global Parliamentary Network, promoted under the leadership of Ángel Gurría, provides us valuable opportunities to share our views and experiences with parliamentarians around the world.”

“One of the most important areas of the OECD’s efforts is taxation and tax transparency, especially the initiative on base erosion and profit shifting, which presents an enormous opportunity in many developing countries.”

“The OECD has inspired global leadership. The OECD’s role advising the G20 has resulted in tangible mandates to improve living standards.”

“I hope the number of OECD countries will increase. In a society where globalisation is a fact, we need a place where critical-free analysis of events and solutions can take place."

“The OECD has been a force for good, joining the best causes of humanity. It has done so during the past 60 years, but this was magnified under the visionary and powerful leadership of Secretary-General Angel Gurría.”

“Today we have to build back better – all countries agreed in 2015 on common goals to reach, with the Paris agreement on climate and agenda 2030. We must pursue, deepen and accelerate our efforts to reach them.”

“Since 60 years ago the OECD has been committed to more sustainable growth, through sound economic expansion, always with an eye to improving social wellbeing.”

“As the world is facing one of the gravest crisis of our times -the crisis of justice, modernity and civilization- the OECD’s multilateral, humanitarian action and leadership is much more needed. The OECD will have to play a lead role in our demand for fairer share.”

“The OECD has made an enormous impact in emerging markets, particularly in Latin America.”

“The OECD has played an outstanding role in the deepening of knowledge and strategies for action around climate change.”

“As we face the deepest global crisis since WWII, the OECD must look to its historical mandate. It can lead, shape new global roles and policies, strengthen bargaining power, rebuild economies from the rubble for the dignity and security of workers.”

“In a world awash with so much false information, we depend on the wealth of sound, internationally comparable data that the OECD produces.”

“As inscribed in the OECD’s name, cooperation has been both the soul and the engine of the Organisation. I trust that the spirit and the actions that have animated the OECD during 60 years will encourage governments to follow that good path.”