OECD events on water


The OECD maintains an active programme of water-related events:

  • International conferences dedicated to water issues (part of the OECD Global Forum series) – where recent OECD work is shared and further discussed with government officials and water experts from all over the world.
  • Sessions in key events in the international water agenda, such as the World Water Forum (held every three years) or the annual World Water Week – where policy messages from recent and on-going work are showcased.
  • Workshops and expert meetings that help implement the OECD programme on water by providing an opportunity to receive and discuss expert input into OECD projects.
  • Water sessions in OECD meetings focused on other themes – such as governance and agricultural meetings.

A list of upcoming and past events can be found below. More information about participation possibilities and outcomes can be obtained through the links provided. OECD experts are often called to make water-related presentations in international events and to provide expert input to global or regional processes.


12 November  Third meeting of the Roundtable on Financing Water, OECD Paris
17 October 

OECD participation in the Financial Times Water Summit "Opening the Floodgates: Unleashing Returns from Water Investments"

OECD speaker: Anthony Cox, Deputy Director, Environment Directorate, OECD

4-5 October Conference on Closing the Financing Gap for Water in Line with SDG Ambitions: the Role of Blended Finance 
26-31 August World Water Week "Water, ecosystems and human development", Stockholm
26 August - Seminar - Pharmaceuticals: Scientific Developments and Cost Effective Policy Responses
27 August - Session - Blended finance: From principles to practice
29 August - Session - Follow-up on the High-Level Panel Water: Financing & Valuing



30 May 2018 OECD Forum session on Safeguarding our Oceans
9 April 2018 Green Talks LIVE on Financing water: Investing in Sustainable Growth
18-23 March 2018 OECD at the World Water Forum, Brasilia

Roundtable on Financing Water High-Level Session at the 8th World Water Forum, Brasilia

5 February 2018 OECD Workshop on Managing Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Surface Waters, OECD Paris

30 November Green Talks LIVE video recording | Groundwater Allocation: Managing Growing pressures on quantity and quality
21-22 November Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum on Greening the Ocean Economy, OECD Paris
20-21 November 10th Meeting of the OECD Water Governance Initiative, Vienna
18 October

Green Talks LIVE video recording | Groundwater Allocation: Water Risk Hotspots for Agriculture

13 September 2nd Meeting - Roundtable on Financing Water, at WATEC, Tel Aviv
27 August - 1 Sept OECD at World Water Week "Water and Waste: Reduce and Reuse", Stockholm
3-4 July 9th meeting of the OECD Water Governance Initiative, OECD Paris
29 May - 3 June International Water Resources Association (IWRA) XVI World Water Congress, Cancun
24 April "Putting water at the centre of the global agenda", remarks and essay by Mr. Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General, at the event “Prioritising Water on the Global Agenda”, hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations, New York
12-13 April

1st Meeting - Roundtable on Financing Water, OECD Paris

6 April Green Talks LIVE on Degraded Waters: Emerging policy solutions to tackle diffuse pollution
22 March World Water Day 2017 webinar on wastewater organised by International Water Resources Association (IWRA) and release of the OECD report Diffuse Pollution, Degraded Waters: Emerging Policy Solutions



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