OECD at Stockholm World Water Week 2019

25 - 30 August 2019
See timing below*

The OECD will be actively participating in the World Water Week on the theme “Water for society – Including all” through a series of events and by taking part in a number of workshops and seminars throughout the week:

Main OECD events

Sunday 25 August 

  • Session: Collective Action to the Last Mile/Kilometer (11h-12h30 | Room M6)
    Good water governance depends on stakeholders coming together to promote transparency and accountability—key for the implementation of SDGs. This session will highlight the enhanced impacts of collaboration and focus on how to develop and scale collective action approaches, ensuring that all voices are included and no one is left behind.

  • Session: Transforming the financial sector to deliver a water-secure world (14h-15h30 | Room L11)
    This session will offer experts from the corporate, investment, policy, activist and other sectors the opportunity to discuss how water security can be prioritised in financial decision making, how financial regulation can work in support of our goals, and what our individual roles can be in accelerating this change.

Monday 26 August

  • Session: The right blend: Tailoring finance vehicles for context-specific success (14h-15h30 | Room L8)
    This session seeks to inform and educate participants about the various types of financial instruments currently being harnessed to unlock capital for water and sanitation: their basic features and impact to date, with a special focus on why particular instruments were chosen for a specific purpose and country context. Research from OECD analysis of blended finance for water-related investment will set the scene. 

Tuesday 27 August

Wednesday 28 August 

Other OECD speaking events

Sunday 25 August


Tuesday 27 August 


Thursday 29 August