OECD Workshop on Microplastics from Synthetic Textiles in the Environment: Knowledge, Mitigation and Policy

11 February 2020
9h - 18h00
OECD Paris
Room CC10

Microplastics pollution originating from synthetic textiles is an emerging environmental and human health concern which has received little policy attention to date. However, new scientific evidence and emerging technologies provide an opportunity to increase our understanding of the occurrence and impacts of microfibres in the environment, and to reduce risks at difference stages of the textile life cycle.

The purpose of this workshop is to gather representatives of government, academia, business, wastewater utilities, civil society, and IGOs to discuss mitigation options for synthetic microfibre pollution from textiles. The workshop – by invitation only - will provide a platform to share lessons learnt from the latest research on microplastic shedding from synthetic textiles, and to identify cost-effective technological solutions and policy options to tackle the challenges posed by microfibres in marine and fresh waters.

The workshop will have sessions dedicated to the following topics:

  • Microplastics: an overview of the latest science
  • Preventing microfibre leakage: the role of product design and manufacturing
  • Mitigating microfibre release during the use-phase of products
  • Clean up: removal of microfibres from wastewater and biosolids through wastewater treatment
  • Developing preliminary policy recommendations to tackle microfibre leakage

The outcomes of the workshop will inform an OECD report on policy responses to mitigate secondary microplastics in the freshwater and marine environments, which will feature case studies and conclude with policy recommendations.


Background document

  • A Background Note on the case for mitigation of microplastics originating from textiles will be shared with participants to the workshop.

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