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About the OECD Washington Center


The OECD Center in Washington D.C., one of four offices around the world (Berlin, Mexico City and Tokyo) in addition to OECD Headquarters, is the OECD liaison to the United States and Canada. OECD's Washington Center works on a daily basis with the US Government, both the Executive Branch and Congress, with US business, labor, civil society, thought leaders, academia and the media to provide trusted and requested analysis, testimony, data and information related to the range of the OECD's work. The Washington Center also is a resource for OECD publications and distribution of our analyses and policy work.

Benefits of US engagement

Benefits of Canadian engagement 


Better Policies for Better Lives


The OECD is focusing on helping governments in our member countries and elsewhere in four main areas:

  • First and foremost, governments need to restore confidence in markets and the institutions and companies that make them function. That will require improved regulation and more effective governance at all levels of political and business life.
  • Secondly, governments must re-establish healthy public finances as a basis for future sustainable economic growth.
  • In parallel, we are looking for ways to foster and support new sources of growth through innovation, environmentally friendly ‘green growth’ strategies and the development of emerging economies.
  • Finally, to underpin innovation and growth, we need to ensure that people of all ages can develop the skills to work productively and satisfyingly in the jobs of tomorrow.

Secretary-General’s Report to Ministers 2013

Secretary-General’s Strategic Orientations for 2013 and Beyond

OECD 50th Anniversary Vision Statement


The OECD’s core values

  • Objective: Our analyses and recommendations are independent and evidence-based.
  • Open: We encourage debate and a shared understanding of critical global issues.
  • Bold: We dare to challenge conventional wisdom starting with our own.
  • Pioneering: We identify and address emerging and long term challenges.
  • Ethical: Our credibility is built on trust, integrity and transparency.


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