The OECD is represented globally by four Public Affairs and Communications Centers. The OECD Washington Center is the regional contact point for the United States and Canada. The Center promotes the OECD’s work in a variety of ways, to include: providing access to OECD publications and databases; responding to media inquiries; organizing events and meetings with OECD experts; and liaising directly with governments, Congress, business, labor, and civil society.

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New OECD Report Highlights Economic Impact of Low Performance at U.S. Schools

Low Performing Students: Why they fall behind and how to help them succeed” says that around 1 million 15-year-olds in the United States, equivalent to 26% (OECD average: 23%), fail to achieve level 2 in math. Level 2 is considered the baseline level of proficiency that is required to participate in modern society. When a large share of the population lacks basic skills, a country’s long-term economic growth is compromised, says the OECD report.

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