Winners of the 2013 Youth Video Competition


 Winners of the 2013 Youth Video Competition


Achmad Danny Gazali, 

VC Achmad Dany Gazali winner 2013



My name is Achmad Danny Gazali, 21, a biology under-graduate  student at University of Indonesia. Besides my academic activities, I am part of an independent youth empowerment organization—Garuda Youth Community—as Head of Production on the Kreasi Laut social enterprise programme. I am deeply interested in social and environmental orginizations that foster development and equality around the world. 



Video: Youth and Community Empowerment


Jaein Shin, Korea. 
 VC Jaein Shin


I am Jaein Shin, a 23 year old broadcast journalist student with Young Hyundai, a youth program offered by Hyundai Motors. I have won awards for my print articles about society, economy, and the automobile industry. I have lived and worked in Turkey as a cultural reporter. I am eager to keep on traveling and discovering new cultures. One day I would like to be able to direct a documentary that would make a difference with people from around the world. 


Video: Our Future is Convergence 

  Jae Ho Shin, Korea.

VC Jae Ho Shin winner 2013



My name is J’ho Shin and I’m 24. I study business and draw art on the side. I live in Korea now, but I was born in Hong Kong. From a very early age, I was exposed to animation and classic films. I love telling stories through film as I think I can reach, encourage and inspire people. I think that’s the coolest thing in the world.



Video: Measuring Values



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