Speaker Guidelines



Mayors and Ministers who would like to make a three minute intervention during the course of the day are kindly requested to consult the following suggested guidelines when proposing a topic of intervention and preparing remarks.


Content of Remarks

While we encourage participants to speak to their city or country’s experiences, we also strongly urge you to highlight common challenges, ideas and experiences, to respond to the questions in the Roundtable agenda (www.oecd.org/urban/roundtable), to formulate common options for financing sustainable cities, and to contribute to the Roundtable messages to Rio+20. We suggest preparing remarks in the form of bullet points rather than a written speech.


Timing of Remarks

To allow a fair allocation of time among participants and to enable an in-depth discussion, we have established these guidelines for each participant:

  • Prepared remarks will last up to 3 minutes, which corresponds to approximately 300 words.

  • Remarks will be timed, at the end of 3 minutes, the Chair will ask the speaker to bring their comments to a close. We ask that speakers strictly adhere to the 3 minute rule.

  • We will not have facilities for PowerPoint, slides or overhead projections. However, participants are welcome to bring materials from their cities and countries to share on the tables just outside the Roundtable meeting room.

  • A round of prepared remarks will be followed by a round of discussion, where the Chair will open the session to questions and comments from the audience. Participants are encouraged to raise their name card in order to comment on what has been said or to raise specific questions (3 minutes maximum). We request that participants introduce themselves when taking the floor.


Please inform the OECD Secretariat before 10 February 2012 if you would like to make three minute prepared remarks. The OECD Secretariat will contact you to discuss the content of the remarks.


 Guidelines for Speakers




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