Photos from the Urban Roundtable




Mr. Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General with
Mr. David Miller, Mayor of Toronto and Chair of C40 Cities




 Dr. Fauzi Bowo
Governor of Jakarta, Indonesia

 Mr. Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux, France with Mr. Frank Jensen Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Denmark




Ms. Reta Jo Lewis
Special Representative for Global Intergovernmental Affairs, US State Dept.


Mr. Fathallah Oualalou
Mayor of Rabat, Morocco




Mr. MAH Bow Tan
Minister for National Development, Singapore


Ms. Fumiko Hayashi
Mayor of Yokohama, Japan


Mr. Bastien Fischer
Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Tax and Utilities



Ms. Anne Hidalgo
First Deputy Mayor of Paris
, France




Mr. Cevdet Yilmaz
Minister of State


Mr. Daniel Ács
State Secretary for Regional Development
Slovak Republic




Doc. Ing. Miroslav Hájek
Deputy Minister for the Environment
Czech Republic

 Ms. Kim Campbell, Former Prime Minister of Canada and Member of Club of Madrid
with Mr. Adam Ostry, WPURB Chair



Mr. Makoto Taketoshi
Vice-Minister, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan

Ms. Sandrine Salerno
Mayor of Geneva


Mr. Esko Aho
Former Prime Minister of Finland,
Executive Vice President of Nokia and Member of Club of Madrid

Ms. Susan Osborne
Mayor of Boulder Colorad
United States



Mr. Robert Doyle,
Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Australia with
Mr. Ronan Dantec,
Deputy Mayor of Nantes, France

 Mr. Gaspar Carlos Zarrías Arévalo
Secretariat of State for Regional Cooperation




Mr. Angel Gurria, Secretary General to the OECD with Ms. Reta Jo Lewis
Special Representative for Global
Intergovernmental Affairs
Department of State, United States

Mr. Jerry Silaa
Deputy Mayor of Dar es Salaam
Tanzania with Ms Mary Macdonald
Head of Environment and Sustainability
Office of the Mayor, Toronto, Canada




Mr. Simon Brooks
Vice President
European Investment Bank



Mr. Pierre Schapira
Deputy Mayor of Paris for International Affairs


Mr. Carlos Westendord, Secretary General of the Club of Madrid with
Ms. María Elena Aguero, 
Deputy Secretary-General

Ambassador Henri Lapointe, Permanent Delegation of Canada to the OECD with Mr. Rolf Alter, Director of GOV, OECD



Ms. Laurence Tubiana
Director of IDDRI and
Member of the Club of Madrid GCLA




 Mr. Stephane Quéré
SVP at GDF Suez
Co-Chair of Urban Infrastructure
Iniative of WBCSD




Mr. Shlomo Bohbot
Mayor of Ma’alot-Tarshiha
Chairman of the Union of Local Authorities in Israel (ULAI)



Mr. David Miller, Mayor of Toronto, Canada
Chair of C40 Cities - Climate Leadership Group
 with Ms. Fumiko Hayashi
Mayor of Yokohama, Japan



Mr. Angel Gurría, Secretary-General, OECD with Mr. Esko Aho, Former Prime Minister
of Finland (1991-1995),
Executive Vice President
of Nokia and Member of Club of Madrid

Mr. Petr Osvald
Deputy Minister for Regional and Cohesion Policy, Ministry for Regional Development, Czech Republic  with Mr. Ilmar Reepalu, Mayor of Malmo, Sweden



Mr. Remi Dorval

Executive Vice-President




Ms. Sara Toppelson de Grinberg

Undersecretary for Urban Development

Department of Social Development (SEDESOL)



Ambassador Roger Karoutchi
Permanent Delegation of France to the OECD

Mr. Yuri Chillán Reyes
Deputy Mayor of Bogota



Mr. Manuel Salgado

Deputy Mayor of Lisbon



Mr. Wim de Gelder

Mayor of Alphen aan de Rijn



Mr. Kostas Kartalis
President of the Standing Committee for the Environment of the Parliament

Mr. Cevdet Yilmaz
Minister of State, Turkey




Ms. Lamia Kamal-Chaoui,
Head of OECD/GOV Urban Development Unit with

Mr Ismael Fernandez-Mejia President,International Society for City and Regional Planners


Mr. Mario Pezzini

Acting Director

Development Centre



Mr. Chang-Soo JUNG
Deputy Minister
for Planning and Coordination,
Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Korea



Mr. Casam Uteem
President of Mauritius,
The Shared Societies Project co-chair and Member of Club of Madrid





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