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Overview of the 2018 Economic Survey of the United States


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The current expansion is now one of the longest on record. Economic growth since the financial crisis has also been amongst the strongest in the OECD. However, similar to other countries, productivity growth has been sluggish and below the growth rates recorded during previous expansions. 


OECD Economic Surveys: United States 2018

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This Survey was prepared in the Economics Department by Douglas Sutherland under the supervision of Patrick Lenain. Damien Azzopardi provided the statistical research assistance and Stephanie Henry provided editorial support. The Survey also benefited from contributions by Julien Daubanes, Ola Eltoukhi, Octavio Escobar, Fozan Fareed, Aimi Abdul Ghani, Stephanie Guichard, Nirosha Varghese and Pierre-Yves YanniThe previous Survey of the United States was issued in June 2016.

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