OECD/IEA/IETA Workshop on National Systems for Flexible Mechanisms: Implementation Issues in Countries with Economies in Transition, Szentendre, 13-15 May 2002


The workshop was organised by the OECD and the IEA on behalf of the Annex I Expert Group and was also co-sponsored by IETA. The workshop addressed design and implementation issues related to national systems such as: national systems for GHG inventories, national registry systems and national programmes to support the participation of EIT countries in GHG emissions trading and joint implementation.

The workshop objective was to:

  • Enhance the understanding of the functions and operation of various national systems and how they interact with each other to facilitate the implementation of the climate targets and the participation in the market mechanisms;
  • Assist EIT governments in prioritising steps towards good practices;
  • Encourage experience sharing among Annex I governments and other stakeholders, provide insights on challenges faced by EIT countries in implementing such systems and enhance cost-effectiveness and environmental performance of mitigation policies;
  • Provide guidance on capacity building needs for EIT countries and facilitate their access to initiatives undertaken by other international organisations.

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Day 1.
Key Elements of National Policy for the Implementation of the Flexible Mechanisms

Rapporteur: Richard Baron, IEA

Opening by Mr. Tibor Faragó, Ministry for the Environment, Hungary

Welcoming remarks, Enno Harders, Workshop Chair

Key national systems in the context of a broader climate policy perspective, Jürgen Lefevere , FIELD

The climate process from the perspective of EIT countries, Visnja Grgasovic , Croatia

Investors' Perspectives on Joint Implementation

Round-table: Key elements

Wrap-up by the Workshop Chair

Day 2.
Involvement of Key National Stakeholders in Priority Setting: Working Groups

Group 1: National systems for GHG inventories

Chair: Katarina Mareckova, Slovakia
Rapporteur: Stéphane Willems, OECD

  • Requirements for preparing and reporting GHG inventories under the Convention and the Protocol, Roberto Acosta , UNFCCC Secretariat
  • Setting priorities when establishing national inventories, Anke Herold , Germany
  • Possible approaches and next steps for the development of a national inventory system in the Russian Federation, Vladimir Berdin

Group 2: Domestic emissions trading systems

Chair: Oleg Pluzhnikov, Russia
Rapporteur: Robert Dornau, IETA

  • Establishing a European Trading System, Peter Vis , EC
  • Domestic emissions trading system in the Czech Republic: options for an implementation framework, Jirina Jilkova , Czech Republic
  • Discussant: Steve Drummond , CO2e.com

Group 3: The role of national registries

Chair: Jonathan Pershing, IEA
Rapporteur: Anca-Diana Barbu, OECD

Group 4: Joint implementation

Chair: Maciej Sadowski, Poland
Rapporteur: Jane Ellis, OECD

Wrap-up session by Working Group Chairs

Day 3.
Capacity Building: Issues and Initiatives

Co-chair: Andrei Marcu, IETA

Presentation: Capacity building - issues and initiatives, Ellina Levina , Independent Consultant (Background Paper )

Panel round-table

Wrap-up by the Chairs

Closing remarks, Enno Harders, Workshop Chair


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