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38th Meeting of the Participants to the Aircraft Sector Understanding (20 - 21 November 2008)


The Participants to the Aircraft Sector Understanding (ASU) met in Paris at the OECD, in order to exchange views on the implementation of the ASU. During the meeting, the Participants to the ASU (Australia, Brazil, Canada, European Community, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the United States) and examined a number of technical questions relating to the interpretation of, or which could constitute an improvement to the text of the Understanding. The ASU Participants also exchanged views on the possible impact of the financial crisis on the civil aircraft sector covered by the ASU.


As they have done several times during the negotiation phase of the ASU, the Participants also met with the representatives of the Aviation Working Group and examined the proposals put forward by the AWG [Sector Understanding on Export Credits for Civil Aircraft: Consultation with the Aviation Working Group (21 November 2008)].


The next meeting of the Participants to the ASU has been scheduled for the week of 20 April 2009.

December 2008


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